Research for Lunch: Andrew Borowiec

Andrew Borowiec, Distinguished Professor of Art, will present, “The Lincoln Highway—A Photographic Cross-section of America,” on November 7, at noon in Folk Hall, Room 165.

In the aftermath of the global economic crisis Andrew Borowiec began making photographs along the Lincoln Highway, using that route as a framework to document conditions across the United States. When the Lincoln Highway opened in 1913 as the first coast-to-coast road designed specifically for automobile travel it brought considerable wealth to the communities through which it passed. A hundred years later, many of those towns exemplify the difficult times that most Americans are facing, while other places remain pockets of affluence. Borowiec’s highly detailed color photographs describe not only the varied beauty of our country’s geographical terrain, they also serve as a cross-section through the disparities in social and economic status that are increasingly at the forefront of American political discourse: the Lincoln Highway passes by the backyards of the one percent as well as those of the ninety-nine percent.

This presentation will consist of photographs from the first phase of Borowiec’s ongoing project, much of which was accomplished with the aid of a Faculty Summer Fellowship, covering nine of the fourteen states and approximately the first half of the Highway’s 3389-mile trajectory, from New York City to Nebraska.

Bring your lunch and show support for one of your colleagues.

RSVP Kelly Ruszkiewicz, ORA, by email