Baking up a storm

The galloping gourmet bakers of SEAC made another great contribution to the Ronald McDonald House. Here’s the Thank You from RMH:


Dear Laura, Theresa & Bonnie-
We hope you had a great time volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Akron. Thank you so much for baking treats for our families. It is because of volunteers like you that the House can keep families together when they need each other most. Your time TRULY makes a difference! We hope you will remain involved and continue to support the Ronald McDonald House of Akron.

We look forward to seeing you again!
Stephanie Zelasko and the entire RMH of Akron team

SEAC & CPAC Operation Evergreen 2015: Part 1

Members of SEAC and CPAC worked together to create holiday ornaments for Operation Evergreen – a project established by the Ohio Christmas Tree Association to send trees and ornaments to military personnel serving overseas.  Here are a few examples of the creativity:

SEAC will also be joining UA Students for Make a Difference Day as part of their volunteer projects.

SEAC and CPAC Meet with the President

Officers from SEAC and CPAC (the Contract Professional Advisory Committee)  met with the new UA President for lunch recently.  Dr. Scott Scarborough discussed plans for the university and ongoing changes as he settles into his new role.  After lunch, the officers were joined by the committee members for photos.

SEAC members meet with the UA President
SEAC members meet with the UA President
Members of both SEAC and CPAC share a photo op with new UA President, Dr. Scott Scarborough
Members of both SEAC and CPAC share a photo op with new UA President, Dr. Scott Scarborough

Make a Difference Day and Operation Evergreen

On October 25th, SEAC joined with the students of Make A Difference Day to create ornaments for Operation Evergreen.  Over the span of a few hours, dozens and dozens of ornaments were made using kits and embellished with ribbon, foam shapes, and glitter.

Thanks to Student Life for their contribution to Operation Evergreen!

Operation Evergreen – Students contribute

SEAC hosted two crafting tables in the Student Union so that student volunteers could help create original ornaments with every crafting supply imaginable.  The glitter glue was – by far – the most popular item.  Check out their handiwork below:

Wayne Campus Trip – 2014

SEAC made our annual trip to Wayne Campus this year for our meeting and got treated to the fall colors courtesy of a campus tour with Stephanie Baker.  Several members of SEAC commented on the amazing landscaping and we learned that Wayne College staff members were responsible for the colorful mums that decorated the walkways around the campus.wayneMums

Complements to: Shon Enos and Bill Wade for ordering the mums and to the planting team: Dan Deckler, Barb Caillet, Pam Duncan, Sharon Ostroski, Colleen Teague, Carolyn Freelon, Vern Virgilli, Jon Montavon, and Kathy Batchelder.

The meeting covered an overview of the Leave Bank Project, Operation Evergreen, and a hands-on demonstration of some Zippy Origami!

Leave Bank

Everyone knows of a colleague at UA that has exhausted their sick medical-signleave through illness or injury  – or by caring for a family member.  Those individuals are then forced to return to work while still ill or are forced to find other – often expensive  – arrangements to care for their family.

For a number of years, the SEAC committee has been advocating a leave bank where a staff member with an excess of accumulated leave time could donate that leave to either a pool or to an individual in need.

While this has been met with resistance from UA administration with concerns about the set up as it relates to Ohio revised code, SEAC has continued to pursue this issue.

PiggyBankBlue_xOver the past few months, SEAC has done additional research on the issue in regards to Ohio Revised Code and the implementation of programs at other Ohio schools.   This research, as well as a formal request to investigate the issue, has been submitted to the University Council and has been referred to the Talent Development and Human Resources Sub-committee for review.

Given the importance of the issue, SEAC will continue to pursue this through the administrative channels.   Updates will be provided to the campus community as a plan is developed to implement a policy that covers the donation of leave.

At its core, this is about people trying to help their colleagues through difficult times.

Questions about the progress of this project/request can be directed to