CNC machine progress, guitar pickguards, and a trip to Lincoln Elementary

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There has been a lot happening in the 3D Lab lately, with enough interesting stories that I could write two dozen blogs and still have stories yet to tell.  But I will focus on some of the highlights in this post.  But there are so many interesting creative projects going on!  The 3D Lab is a real testimony of student ingenuity and community.

Before I forget, there is a maker faire close to home this weekend, the Akron Mini Maker Faire being held at the Akron Public Library this Saturday!  The event runs from noon to 4:00 and is an experience that you will not forget.  If you haven’t been to a maker faire and want to know what the buzz is all about, be sure to attend!  The event is free and you’re sure to make a new friend or two (and perhaps start a new hobby).  For more information, please click here.



Also big news, Wayne College is hosting a “mini mini” version of a Maker Faire next week!  Please mark your calendar Tuesday, November 15, and Wednesday, November 16, 11am-1pm, at the Wayne College Student Life Building for a “mini” invasion of makers!


We have exciting makers for you to meet, including a homemade CNC machine, 3D printed items, fitness activities, a giant Jenga puzzle, biology experiments (I mean, exhibits), Nerf toys, fun fitness activities, Internet controlled Christmas lights, and more.  It’s a time you won’t want to miss!  The “mini-mini” faire runs from 11:00-1:00 each day and is a precursor to the larger Maker Faire in May.


In local makerspace news, members from the Schantz Makerspace here in Orrville, Ohio are making excellent progress on CNC machine prototype.  Spearheaded by makerspace leader Vic Schantz (president of Schantz Organ Company) and advised by Ben Engle (student of the University of Akron), the goal of building this prototype is to form a workshop where community members come together to build their own CNC machines that they can eventually take home.  It is truly a community inspired project with much promise!



According to Vic, they have lots of folks who are willing to help get the machine finished. Rolf is making a 3-d printed router holder from a design Greg found on Thingiverse.  The machine is basically complete except for wiring the stepper motors, and testing.  If you are interested in following this project, please stop-by the Schantz Organ Company at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday as the group finishes up the prototype!



Last week, one of our students is an avid musician and decided to build a guitar!  Be bought a wooden body and painted it, then plans to attach his own hardware.  The pickguard was made with the laser cutter, generously donated by the Romich Foundation.  We test-fit the design by cutting a cardboard model, then lasered a beautiful plastic overlay with the final design.  The pickguard fit perfectly and is a nice complement to the guitar body!  We are always up for trying new ideas in the 3D Lab.





The 3D Lab loves to make road trips to excite the community about engineering, 3D printing, and jumpstarting careers through Wayne College.  Lately, Jim Lawrence and I made a trip to Lincoln Elementary School in Wadsworth with 50+ excited kids wanted to know how 3D printing works (and learn some interesting facts about engineering, too).  It was a fun time with lots of questions to answer.




To top off the presentation, we printed a copy of their school mascot, a looming grizzly bear.  There wasn’t enough time to answer all their questions, but sometimes unanswered questions are the best kinds; they stimulate them to ponder and seek their own answers!



See how 3D printing “hyperelastic bone” can mend injuries:


A cancer survivor receives a new jaw thanks to 3D printing:


Do it Yourself concept

You think that your kids are noisy?  Build this LED Noise-o-Meter to find out!


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