April Maker Monday Recap

Hello Fellow Makers!

We had another great turnout for Maker Monday on April 17th, 2017.  We welcomed some new blood, both young and young at heart, and we made some important decisions about future classes.

The group has decided that our next group build will be to make 3-D
printers from kits.  We made 14 tabletop CNC routers in this same way. Now it will be 3-d printers. A few of our makers have purchased their own 3-D printer kits and are building table top machines. Three of these machines were on display at Maker Monday.  We had a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of each design.

We are working on a specification for an affordable, well equipped 3-D printer kit. We’ve purchased a prototype that we will be building as a committee. We think this prototype, which is a Prusa i-3 clone, has what we want.  Any needed enhancements are going to be available on Thingiverse, and therefore will be easy to add.

So we will be creating the kit’s parts list and getting things organized . If you have interest in being included in this project, we need to hear from you now. At the meeting, 16 people signed up to be part of this next class. We believe the kits will cost $200-$250, there will probably be a small facility fee, and you’ll likely to have to throw in a little for donuts……….

But this is an exciting project you won’t want to miss out on.

If you were part of the CNC build class you know how much fun we had, and how much we learned. We think the 3-D printer can be assembled in 2 class sessions.  We will try to have sessions on Saturday mornings and/or weeknights to try and accommodate people’s schedules.

In addition to the 3-D Print Build Class, we have 7 people signed up for a repeat of the Arduino training classes that Greg Barbu taught. We have 10 people who have signed up for a class about Fusion 360 software and how to use it to do more intricate carving work on our CNC routers. We are starting a committee to design this class, and we will let you know as that plan comes together. In the meantime, if either of these are classes you want to be involved with, let us know!

The next Maker Monday is May 15th, 2017, from 7 – 9. We will have a lot more information for you at that meeting so please plan to attend.

Also, don’t forget the Maker Faire is on Saturday May 20th, 2017 from 10 am till 5pm at Wayne College. There are over 70 exhibitors, and several of them are members of our maker group. We hope you will plan to be there and support what is happening as the effort grows.


Other News:

We are sad to announce Art Oswald passed away last week. I had the privilege of getting to know him during the CNC build class. Many of you know of his long career as an industrial arts teacher, and the positive impact he has had on countless young people. He was a craftsman. We will miss him. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Rob Baumgartner’s table saw jig that accurately cuts angles is for sale. Several of you have expressed interest in this. By making the jig on our CNC machine, you gain accuracy and as a result you can make very intricate pieces. The jig is $165. If you want to buy one, let us know.

We will be working on the Robot arm in the Schantz MakerSpace this coming Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 starting at 8 :30 am. There are still a few things to get worked out, and anyone who is interested in this is welcome to join us. Be sure to bring donuts….


Vic Schantz
Schantz MakerSpace

Maker Monday

Upcoming 3D Printer Build Class Discussion tonight at Schantz Organ Company from 7:00-9:00 pm