Maker Monday Tonight!

Hello Fellow Makers! Don’t forget that tonight is Maker Monday! Join us at Schantz Organ Company from 7-9 pm to see and hear about some of the cool stuff happening within the Schantz MakerSpace community! We have news about our upcoming 3-D Printer Build Class, plans for training classes in Fusion Software, the development of the Schantz Maker Mart and we are gearing up for the Mini Maker Faire coming this Saturday, May 20th.

Our Build Committee got together this past Saturday and made a lot of great progress. We have finished the assembly of the Tevo Tarantula 3-d printer.  JD, Rolf, Don, Jeff and I made several test prints. With each print we learn more about machine adjustments and software tweaks. By the time we were done, we were thrilled with the quality of the prints. In preparation for the 3-D group build class that starts June 10, this committee work to build the Tarantula kit has been invaluable, and will make the classes productive and fun.

Jeff Snure brought a new arduino project. It is fun to see the way cool light displays can be made from our arduino kits.

Not to mention, we rewired the Robot Arm….. and it works !!!!  This was an early arduino project and it has been a challenge but we’ve stayed at it and learned a lot.

Taking center stage at tonight’s meeting will be Lewis Saunier’s completed 4-wheel bike design. Lewis has been working on this project with help from the MakerSpace and is ready to show it off.

Don’t miss out on all of this excitement. Join us tonight to learn more about the maker movement and all of the fun happening within the Schantz MakerSpace!

Vic Schantz
Schantz MakerSpace