3-D Printer Build Class

Our first 3-D Printer Build Class took place in June at the Schantz MakerSpace. We introduced 15 build teams to their TEVO Tarantula Prusa i3 kits and helped them get started on building their very own 3-D Printers!

These classes are the heart and soul of our MakerSpace community. It’s an opportunity to learn and solve problems in a joint effort, building our collective knowledge and creativity. We’re especially thrilled to see the classes have caught the attention of makers of all ages.

Our Second Round of 3-D Printer Build Classes kicked off this past Saturday (August 12th). We have 16 teams this go-round and had a lot of fun diving into our kits. Check out the photos below.

If these classes look like fun e-mail us at makerspace@schantzorgan.com and let us know you are interested. Better yet, come to Maker Monday and hear first hand from our community members what we do and how you can join in on the fun.