Dates announced for Fusion 360 Software Training!

Jim Caliguri at Autodesk has partnered with Schantz MakerSpace to offer an intensive training course on Fusion 360 Software, the software used in both the CNC Desktop Routers and 3-D Printers from our Build Classes. We have two, 8-hour class offerings:

Tuesday, July 25th
Wednesday, July 26th

Cost for the course is $128.00. Spots for these classes are filling up fast. If you want to take part of this terrific opportunity, please contact us at or 330-682-6065.

More information to come, including location and start time. But don’t hesitate. Contact us now or you may miss out!

Maker Monday is Coming/Fusion Software and CNC Router spots still available!

Hello Makers,
Summer is heating up and so is the MakerSpace! Maker Monday is right around the corner on July 17th from 7-9pm. We hope you will join us as Rob Baumgartner showcases his racing drone. The racing drone is something we are considering for an upcoming build class. Anyone interested should join us to provide input and discuss the best times for us to offer the class.
Maker Monday is about sharing ideas and interests. The classes we offer come from the minds of our members. We cater to your interests so don’t be afraid to speak up. Maker Mondays can be a great opportunity to learn about the world of making and what projects people have come up with. At the last Maker Monday, Norm Sohar introduced us to a project called GravityLight. The Gravity Light is a light fixture that uses a weighted bag to generate electricity. It doesn’t need batteries or sunlight and costs nothing to operate.
Class Updates:
Before the July 4th holiday, our 3-D Print Build Team completed their Tarantula 3-D Printers. The class was a great success and we’re gearing up to have the class again this August. The class is full, but the waiting list is growing. If you missed out on the first two sessions, let us know your interest in building a 3-D Printer. We can fit another class later on in the fall schedule if enough people sign up.
In the meantime, we have teamed up with Jim Caliguri at Autodesk and are preparing for a crash course in Fusion 360 Software. We are offering two 8-hour training sessions on Tuesday, July 25th and Wednesday, July 26th. Cost for the course is $128. We’re down to about 10 spots left overall. Please contact us and reserve your spot ASAP! Understanding this software is essential to operating the CNC Desktop Router and 3-D Printers we have helped our students build. Deadline for signing up is Wednesday, July 12th. Please don’t wait!
Speaking of the CNC Router, we still have a few spots left in our September/October build class. Cost for the course is $1,100. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis so get in now while we are still taking students.
Vic Schantz
Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-Albert Einstein

Schantz MakerSpace announces New CNC Router Build Class

We are excited to announce our second round of CNC Router Build Classes is coming this fall! Learn how to build your very own desktop router at a fraction of retail price. The course spans four Saturday Build Sessions (September 16th, 23rd, 30th and October 7th). Cost for the course, including kit (router not included in kit) is $1,100. This is one of our most popular courses among the maker community, so spots will go quickly. If you wish to join, please contact us via e-mail at or call us at 330-682-6065.

Maker Monday – June Recap

A special thanks to all who made it out to Maker Monday on June 19th. We had over 50 people attend! Our largest group to date! It’s wonderful to see our community expanding. We were very pleased and honored to have Mayor Dave Handwerk and Wayne County Commissioner Ron Amstutz in attendance, as well as representatives from the Akron and Canton MakerSpaces. This is proof of the Maker Movement growth we are seeing across the country taking place right in our backyard.

The evening included a discussion with Jim Caliguri from AutoDesk. Jim is partnering with the Schantz MakerSpace to provide training sessions for Fusion 360 software. We had nearly 40 people sign up for the training sessions and will have more details on the dates of those classes in the coming weeks. I want to personally thank Jim for taking the time to speak to our group and working to make all of this possible. We are very excited.

In addition to the talk with Jim, attendees were able to see the progress of our June 3-D Printer Build Class and talk to some of the students about their experiences. Rob Baumgartner, our resident engineer, designed a base for the Tarantula 3-D Printers that was showcased along with the machine.

Lastly, we had some upcoming classes and scheduling to go over. The August 3-D Printer class is full and we will be ordering the kits for that round soon. Meanwhile, we’ve determined the dates for our next CNC Router Build Class. We held this class earlier this year and have had many requests to do it again. The classes will take place on the following four Saturdays: September 16th, 23rd, 30th and October 7th. The class fee is $1,100. Important Note: The class fee covers your kit and the four Saturday build sessions. However, you will need to purchase your own router.

We currently have 12 spots filled and are able to squeeze in a few more. If you want to take advantage of this class, contact us ASAP to reserve your spot!

Schantz MakerSpace is busier than it has ever been and we feel very blessed to work with such an enthusiastic community of makers. We’re currently working on more ideas for future classes and your input is greatly appreciated. If there is a project you would like to see us do in the future, let us know. Come to Maker Monday or e-mail us at Our classes are based on feedback from our makers, so let’s work together to come up with our next fun project!

Our next Maker Monday is scheduled for July 17th, 7:00-9:00pm at Schantz Organ Company. We hope you will join us and see all of the exciting things happening at the Schantz MakerSpace.


Vic Schantz
Schantz MakerSpace

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

-Albert Einstein

Maker Monday Tonight!

Hello Fellow Makers! Don’t forget that tonight is Maker Monday! Join us at Schantz Organ Company from 7-9 pm to see and hear about some of the cool stuff happening within the Schantz MakerSpace community! We have news about our upcoming 3-D Printer Build Class, plans for training classes in Fusion Software, the development of the Schantz Maker Mart and we are gearing up for the Mini Maker Faire coming this Saturday, May 20th.

Our Build Committee got together this past Saturday and made a lot of great progress. We have finished the assembly of the Tevo Tarantula 3-d printer.  JD, Rolf, Don, Jeff and I made several test prints. With each print we learn more about machine adjustments and software tweaks. By the time we were done, we were thrilled with the quality of the prints. In preparation for the 3-D group build class that starts June 10, this committee work to build the Tarantula kit has been invaluable, and will make the classes productive and fun.

Jeff Snure brought a new arduino project. It is fun to see the way cool light displays can be made from our arduino kits.

Not to mention, we rewired the Robot Arm….. and it works !!!!  This was an early arduino project and it has been a challenge but we’ve stayed at it and learned a lot.

Taking center stage at tonight’s meeting will be Lewis Saunier’s completed 4-wheel bike design. Lewis has been working on this project with help from the MakerSpace and is ready to show it off.

Don’t miss out on all of this excitement. Join us tonight to learn more about the maker movement and all of the fun happening within the Schantz MakerSpace!

Vic Schantz
Schantz MakerSpace


3-D Printer Build Committee at work

Watch the video here!