Maker Monday

Hello Makers!

Schantz MakerSpace will be hitting the road again as Maker Monday heads back to Wooster High School on May 21st. In April, students at Wooster High School came together for a 3-D Printer Workshop and built 30 TEVO Tarantula 3-D Printers. This was a large class with students working on their kits at different speeds. As a result, some students missed out on learning about the software involved with operating their machines. As a result, the May edition of Maker Monday will be an instructional seminar on 3-D Printer Software. The meeting will take place at our usual 7:00-9:00pm time slot. Students will be working on their machines prior to the meeting (5-7pm). We invite any volunteers who are able to join us and provide their expertise.

We will also be recapping the Wayne County Maker Faire and plans for upcoming 2018 classes. Don’t miss out!