Schantz Maker Mart

At the Schantz MakerSpace we encourage people to learn new technology and combine that with traditional tools and machines to build things. A logical next step is to provide a place for people to sell the products they make. Our vision is to transform part of the Schantz Organ COmpany parking lot into a local Maker’s Mart. We want to combine elements of a farmer’s market and craft fair into one location. The market would be open on Saturday mornings from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Vendors would have access to electricity, water, and restrooms.

To get this project moving, we are looking for people who want to set up a booth and sell farm produce, homemade products like candles and soaps, woodworking and craft products, as well as other maker inventions that come about as a result of working with new technology.

Please contact Vic Schantz if you would like to learn more about becoming a vendor. Vic can be reached by phone at 330-682-6065 or via email