New Site Designs

Websites get old and when they get old they get tangled and gnarly. In the past, the solution to this dilemma often was to put up pretty new pictures and change all of the navigation on the site. This would work for a while until the site visitors began to realize that they still couldn’t get to / find what they needed and the shine quickly wore off.

Today, we want to consider what we are changing and why. Who are we trying to reach with our site? How will the experience of the visitor improve? The answers to these questions are about the site architecture, how the site is organized and the content of the pages and not so much about the look and feel.

Beginning in May of 2007 the University engaged a nationally known, educationally focused consulting firm, Dotmarketing. In the ensuing time span we have worked with Dotmarketing to dissect every piece of the current University site at The site at is better known as our homepage and comprises our forward looking face. In other words, the primary audience for this site are visitors who are, generally, from outside the University community; prospective students and their parents, corporate and university researchers, potential employees, the press, etc.

Today, the fruit of that labor is ready to show as we have New Web Page Designs, layered over a much improved architecture available to view and a Design Feedback Survey so you can tell us what you think.

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