dotCMS to upgrade in December 2011

The WebTeam

dotCMS will be upgraded December 12th through the 19th.

The plan is that the website will remain up and serving pages throughout the process. However, from the morning of Monday, December 12th until the morning of Monday, December 19th. There will be no editing allowed. (see Emergencies, below)

Forms will continue to work, gather data, and send email notification as usual. All data collected during the period between December 12 and 19 will be migrated to the new version of the website and will be available for reporting, etc.

Why an Upgrade?

Like all software, things move forward. The current version will no longer be supported in the near future. Also, there are many, under the cover, improvements that we believe will enhance the experience for both content providers and for the everyday visitors to our sites. Capabilities that we did not have previously will also become available in the area of customized development that will translate to modernized and extended capabilities that we can offer visitors to UA’s web sites.

What is changing?

All of the changes are in the back-end, visitors to our web sites will not notice any change.

Editors of websites will see a new interface for editing their pages, not a dramatic change but a better organization of the information and hopefully improved navigation throughout.

Training Available

Beginning January 1st 2012 all dotCMS training offered through Software Training Services will be conducted in the new version.

For current users, Software Training Services will provide a delta guide to help you see what has changed. While we believe that this guide will suffice for most current users, anyone who feels that they need more is welcome to attend the regularly scheduled training sessions available through Software Training Services


Please plan for the timing of this upgrade and have all your changes made PRIOR to Monday December 12th.

In case of a real emergency need, the WebTeam will be able to change content that is on the web. However, any changes made between December 13th and December 19th will NOT be preserved when the new version of the site becomes available on the 19th. Approved changes made during this period will have to be reproduced on the new site. The reproduction of this content will be the responsibility of the requesting college or department.

The Schedule

1. Day One: Monday December 12th

* Stop editing
* Send backups to dotCMS
* Run upgrade scripts

2. Day Two: Tuesday December 13th

* Scripts will run for up to 10 hours (it only took 8 hours in staging)
* Link new database with 1.9 installation
* Test login via LDAP
* Deploy all upgraded plugins (they need to be upgraded before the process starts)
* Start testing

3. Day Three: Wednesday December 14th

* Make changes to containers in all templates
* Check category permissions
* Check Host cms anonymous permissions
* Create CMS tabs for roles in dotCMS
* Manually fix recurrent events end date
* Apply all changes manually to VTL files

4. Day Four and Five: Thursday December 15th and Friday December 16th

* Test frontend
* Test all plugins
* Finish applying permissions

5. Day Six: Monday December 19th

* Go live
* Testing by all users and content providers.

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