How to schedule reports to auto fire in Site Improve

Log into Site Improve.

On the top banner menu, click “Reports.”

You will see three options for the type of report you can schedule. Misspellings, Broken Links and Quality Assurance. Select an option, and click schedule.

You will see a screen that allows you to select several options for the customization. When you are ready to schedule, scroll down in the menu where it states “Schedule reports and choose reports recipients”, and select the page groups (on the left side) that you would like the recipient(s) to receive.

For each page group you have selected, you will have to select the recipients of the report. On the right side of the same menu, click “Recipients for this report.”

A screen will pop-up displaying all the optional recipients. Make your selections, or add new recipients in the menu on the right. Click close when done.

After checking all your settings, click the “save schedule” button.

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