Forms: Part 3 Revisions and Comments

Forms: Part 3: Revisions and Comments

A complicated form may go through many revisions as it is being shared among colleagues. It may go through levels of approvals – both up and down – with sign-offs and changes at every level. The end result is the form you want to share with your users – but this should not include the process you used to get there.

Even if “hidden” the comments, changes, and revisions, are still present in the document. If a user turns these back on, all the discussion about the form becomes visible. In addition to taking up space – and making the file bigger – the comments and changes could be potentially embarrassing. When you’ve reached the final version, you’ll want to:

1. Make all comments and change notes visible.
2. Clean up the document to remove this extraneous text.

This resource on the Microsoft site has tips on how to effectively clean up the file prior to distribution.

3. While not required, it’s also useful to simplify the file name. Instead of this:


consider this:


Your end users usually don’t care when the form was approved – only that they have the most recent and up-to-date version.

Also, consider removing spaces from the file name – especially if the form will be added to a website.