quick note: how to get started with qualtrics

Access to Qualtrics is by UAnet ID and password.

Start by going to http://akron.qualtrics.com

You’ll be directed to the UAkron log in screen.  Enter your UAnet ID and password.

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen about a Qualtrics account.  Indicate that do you not already have an account and Qualtrics will create one and sync this with your UAnet ID.

You will then be asked to review a terms of service document and/or indicate student status.  Once this is complete, you’ll have full access to Qualtrics. On future log-ins, you’ll be taken directly to the main screen for Qualtrics surveys.

If you are unable to set up an account using this method, you’ll need to contact the UA admins at qualtricshelp@uakron.edu.   This email should be sent from your UAkron email account.

The UA admins for Qualtrics will set up your account in that system and will reply by email.    In some cases, for additional security, you may be asked to provide your UA ID Number in addition to your UAnet ID.

Once the account is set up, you’ll be able to log in at:



Please visit the Akron Qualtrics site:  http://www.uakron.edu/it/instructional_services/dds/services/qualtrics.dot

or send email to: qualtricshelp@uakron.edu

How to create and post a poll from Qualtrics into your website

Log into your Qualtrics account at akron.qualtrics.com

Click Polls in the top menu

Click Create Poll

A range of options will be available on the left side of your screen. Make your settings accordingly.

After you are finished making your settings, look down under the poll settings and click the box that says save changes.

You will see a list of options for colors, size, font…etc. Adjusting these settings will adjust the overall design and look of your poll. When you are happy with your adjustments (if any), look for a box at the top of your poll that says add this poll to your website.

Click “add this poll to your website.”  Select and Copy the entire html code.

Remember, this is the HTML code you will need to paste into your website in order to embed your poll into dot cms.

Now, you are ready to paste that code into your department’s webpage.