Brooke McKivergan

Brooke McKivergan is a DJ and also a member of the News team. She joined WZIP last August, studies Communication (Mass Media Major with a Sports Management Minor), and plans on graduating In August of 2017. Outside of WZIP Brooke is also works on ZTV’s Lights, Camera, Akron, is a Manager at the University of Akron Rec Center, and also teaches a cycling class. She likes all types of news stories but particularly likes covering positive, and relatable news stories. Upon graduation, Brooke hopes to work in news, hopefully becoming a news anchor someday. When asked about past experience in news, she told this story: “ When I was young, my cousins and I used to put on a show for our family and make them record us. It was called PJ4 News. We wore our pajamas and reported the news. The news to us at the time were things like what we had for dinner and who fell off their bike that day but hey, the news is news!” She was also on the News team all of High School. When asked for a fun fact about herself, she said that she’s a pretty positive person, like really positive.