Cleveland Browns Season Predictions

Camryn Justice

Prediction: 5-11

The Browns have new potential with RG3 as their starting quarterback and Josh Gordon returning to play. I believe there will be holes in the defense which could lead to a fragile RG3 to sit due to injury on more than one occasion. Isaiah Crowell and Terrelle Pryor should make some major plays and with Hue Jackson running the calls the Browns should improve their record from last year, although not drastically in just a year.


Rocco Nuosci

Browns 5-11

The Browns have something that they have not had in quite some time: play makers. And quite a few of them at that. Unfortunately, star receiver Josh Gordon will be inactive until week 5 via suspension. However, the addition of Robert Griffin III (who I still think has some juice left in the tank) and his emergence as a team captain bodes well for the Browns. The chemistry between him and former Ohio State Buckeye standout Terrelle Pryor seems to have reached a decent level, and Pryor’s sheer frame and athletic ability gives him the potential to make big plays come Sundays this year. Corey Coleman also seems to have come into his own at slot receiver, so the Browns certainly have it figured out at receiver. However, everywhere else on the team certainly has room for improvement. The offensive line is definitely at the lowest point it has been at in recent years, and the defense…well they are still plain bad. After being ranked dead last last year while being the highest paid defense in the league, there were certainly questions to be answered. The departures of Paul Kruger and Justin Gilbert certainly lifts some dead weight, and while the defense still is not where it needs to be, it has definitely moved in the right direction. While I expect another losing season and another year of no playoffs, I definitely expect to see a much more entertaining Browns team if nothing else.


Isaiah Houde

Browns- 4-12

The Browns are a very touchy subject in Cleveland and have a long history of saying “there’s always next year”. I do not believe that this will be the case soon, and I believe that from here on the staff and players should stay the same. This year is the first year with Hue Jackson and RG3, so there will be growing pains, but I also believe that there will be consistency with this team that will carry on. This will make it so that the quarterback and coach contest at the end of every season will be non existent, and will allow the Browns to focus on needed positions and slowly progress to be a good NFL team. With all of that said, I do not believe that this will be the year, but it will be the base of something good in years to come.  


Cortez Grayson

Prediction: 6-10

The Browns are starting over again, and had 14 picks in the 2016 draft, who all made the team. They will be tested as rookies and will have a big role for the Browns to perform at a high level coming straight out of college. Cleveland should win some games, but the defense will haunt them throughout the season. The offense will do well at times, with RG3 in command. He will have plenty of targets to throw to including Terrell Pryor, rookie Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon who is suspended but will return week 5. Overall the Browns will look for improvement in the rookies this season, but will look to draft more players in 2017.  


Ben Thomas

Prediction: 2-14

Every week this season, the Titanic (I mean the Browns) will get a little closer to making it past that glacier, but at the end of the day, they usually sink. There will be flashes where Corey Coleman makes a play, or RG3 slides to avoid a hit, but at the end of the day, someone has to be the leagues punching bag. The best thing that can happen for Cleveland is having two top five picks next year and zero players making TMZ headlines.


Cullen Perdue

Prediction: 3-13

With a lot of young talent and inexperience, the Browns will struggle at times this season. They have some talent, mostly on the offensive side with Corey Coleman, Duke Johnson, Terrell Pryor and the returning Josh Gordon. The offensive will have some big plays and put up some points but the defensive will struggle. With no elite pass rusher and questionable defensive backs, the Browns will be giving up a bunch of yards. They will steal a game or two just by out scoring there opponents. With a record like this they should be in the running for the number one overall pick in the 2017 draft.


Jake Allen

Prediction: 3-13

The additions of Hue Jackson, RG3, and an excellent rookie draft class (including first round wide receiver Corey Coleman) add plenty of excitement for the future, but this current Browns club has a ton of holes. The defense may be even worse than they were last season. After losing Tashon Gipson and Donte Whitner, the safety duo of Jordan Poyer and Ibraheim Campbell is easily the worst in the league. Joe Haden and Tramon Williams form a formidable duo when healthy, but the position lacks depth. The team cut linebackers Karlos Dansby and Paul Kruger, let Craig Robinson leave for free agency, and traded Barkevious Mingo to New England, and signed Demario Davis from New York.  Davis will slot in with Christian Kirksey in the middle of the 3-4 defense. Youngsters Emmanuel Ogbah, Joe Schobert, and Nate Orchard look to provide a pass rush from the outside, with only Orchard recording a sack in his NFL career. The defensive line features last season’s first round pick Danny Shelton with Xavier Cooper and John Hughes. Expect to see a lot of reserve Carl Nassib on passing situations, after setting the all-time sack mark for Penn State. The defensive line will be a big factor to the Browns improving their porous run defense.

The offense lost Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz on the offensive line, as well as receiver Travis Benjamin. However, the team made improvements around the receiver group, and expect growth in running backs Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. The offense won’t be a big problem for the Browns this season, and it will even be able to make up for a terrible defense to win three games. Cleveland will once again fight for the number one draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.


Matt Parrish

The Browns will have a better year than expected I believe. With a returning Josh Gordon in the early mid season, Pryor, Coleman, and Barnstar, RGIII actually has some targets to hit giving us a much more balanced offense. If RGIII can stay healthy all year then this record could even go up. I’m still going to count us losing 5 games by 3 or less points. Let’s see if the Browns can play 4 full quarters this year. If they can he might even hit a wildcard spot. I know I’m talking crazy, but 2016 has a different feel in Cleveland than previous years. Our running game is still questionable, and mediocre at best, so the offensive line really needs to step up and block for Crowell, Duke Johnson, and RGIII.



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