DJ Rocco

Roccocropped-Z88_2CIcon.pngRocco Nuosci is the Sports Director at WZIP. He is majoring in communications

with a focus on Mass Media and Radio/TV. Rocco has been a part of WZIP for a year and a half, since

Spring 2015. Outside of WZIP he is a big gamer, preferring Playstation. Rocco also enjoys playing

basketball at the rec center and watching cartoons. As a DJ Rocco likes to play mostly rap and hip hop

because of the good energy it brings to the show. As a member of the sports team, he definitely prefers

his focus to be on basketball. Rocco’s goal is to one day become a part of ESPN and eventually host his

own edition of SportsCenter. Something quirky about Rocco is that if you name a logic song he will be

able to spit the first verse for you, guaranteed.


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