The Cavs continue their home court dominance


Fun is an understatement when it comes to Cleveland Cavaliers basketball and the feeling in this city. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Dallas Mavericks with a score of 128-90, and did it with ease.  The Big Three continued to have total domination, and showed that they are everything that we thought that they could be with time, and built chemistry. Kevin Love hit his double-double mark with 27 points, and 10 rebounds. Kyrie shot an astonishing 8-8 from the field in the first half with 21 points, and of course LeBron came in with a soft 19 points and 11 assists. This is pretty respectable when you contemplate the fact that the big three didn’t even play a second in the fourth quarter.


The Cavaliers shot 51.2% in the first half, and took care of all necessary business early in the game. The Cavs just came off of an 81 point first half against the formidable, Portland Trailblazers. This effort was sustained with a 72 point first half, that included Kyrie Irving shooting a perfect field goal percentage with 21 points.  The Cavs shot 45% as well from the three-point line, and are continuing to show the NBA why they are the champs.


The Cavaliers had so much confidence in this early lead, that they were capable of pulling the starters in the end of the third quarter. This made it possible for the young stars, which include Kay Felder, and Jordan McRae to show what they can do on the court. This was all the result from a stingy defense, that played championship basketball from the very beginning of the game. This was very apparent from the fact that the Cavs held the Mavs to only 55 points through the first three quarters. They held the future hall of famer, Dirk Nowitzki to only 15 points on 7-18 shooting.


This game was LeBron’s thousandth game, and he is the 11th active player to hit this mark. This is also the best start in the Cavs history, with a 12-2 start, and this shows the dominance that they still hold onto in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs broke all kinds of records with this phenomenal performance, and are 9-1 at home. They are also averaging 116.2 points per game at home, and do not look to stop here.


The Cavs next game will be on the road against the Philadelphia 76ers this Sunday, November 27th at 1 PM. For more information on the Cavaliers, make sure that you stay updated with our website, and we will continue to bring all of the Cavs stats and info that you need.


Below is the post game press conference with Coach Ty Lue, discussing the improved shooting on the season.