Past Students Research Topics

Ph.D. Dissertations Directed

      1. “Theory of Crack Initiation from Smooth Surfaces and its Application” by Anping Hong – defended November 21, 1994, co-advisor Prof. Z. Bazant, Civil Engineering Department, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208-3109. Committee members: R. Liang, A. Saleeb, D. Robinson and Y-J Lin.
      2. “The Analysis of Multiple Cracks in Non-homogeneous Material” by Ming Zhou – defended May 12, 1995. Committee members: Fertis, Robinson, Kankam, Saleeb, Hariharan
      3. “Numerical modeling of breast cancer by detection of the surface deformation perturbation” – by J. Q. Neifert – defended February 10, 1995 (together with biomedical and mechanical engineering departments).
      4. “Crack Growth in Functionally Graded Materials” by Nadim Shbeeb defended September 9, 1998.  Committee members: Robinson, Menzemer, Zobel, Krieder.
      5. “Analytical Modeling of Imperfect Bond Between Coated Fiber and Matrix Material” by Latife Kuguoglu, June 22, 1999.  Committee members: Robinson, Menzemer, Kreider, Hajjafar, Hoo Fatt.
      6. “Multiple kinked and branched cracks in anisotropic plate” by Khaled Hamad, September 2002. Committee members: HooFatt, Menzemer, Kreider.
      7. “Composite/concrete inter-phase performance” by Salim Baraka, May 2002. Committee members: P. Qiao, C. Menzemer and K. Kreider.
      8. “Material Modeling of Strain Rate Dependent Polymer and 2D tri-axially Braided Composite”, by Jingyun Cheng, April 15, 2006. P. Qiao, A. Saleeb, R. Goldberg, E. Pan, and K. Kreider.
      9. “Nonlinear Strain Rate Dependent Composite Model for Explicit Finite Element Analysis” by Xiahua Zheng, April 22, 2006. Committee members: P. Qiao, A. Saleeb, R. Goldberg, E. Pan, and K. Kreider.
      10. “Mechanics of Bi-Material beams and its application to mixed-mode fracture of wood-FRP” by Cole Hamey, July 7, 2007, Committee members: P. Qiao, C. Menzemer, D. Quinn, and K. Kreider.
      11. “Low Velocity Impact Analysis of Composite Laminate Plates and sandwich Panels”, by Daihua Zheng, Committee members:, A. Saleeb, E. Pan, C. Menzemer, X. Gao, and J. Young, December 2007.
      12. “The Experimental and Analytical Characterization of the Macromechanical Response for Triaxial Braided Composite Materials”, by Justin Littell, Committee members: E. Pan, C. Menzemer, K. Kreider, M. HooFatt, and R. Goldberg, September 2008.
      13. “Mesomechanical Model for Failure Study of Triaxial Braided Composite Materials”, by Xuetao Li, Committee members: : E. Pan, G. Yun, K. Kreider, X. Gao, and R. Goldberg, October 2010.


Masters Thesis Directed

      1. Crack Development in Cross-Ply Laminates under Uniaxial Tension – Andrew L. Gyekenesi, graduated with M.Sc. in CSU Civil Engineering Department, March 1993.
      2. Contact Problems for Multilayer Composite Half-plane with HoneyComb substrate – Wang Zhong, April, 1995.
      3. High Performance Filament Wound Composite Tubes Analysis – Yong Wang, May, 1996.
      4. Retrofitting of Concrete Beam using Graphite Epoxy Layers – Steven Tysl, May, 1999.
      5. Vibration Damping in a Composite Shaft using Piezoelectric Patches – Vikram Dhruva, December 2000.
      6. Creep-Rupture of Composite Materials – Yanx Cai, July 2002.
      7. The preliminary Research on the Composite Material use in Highway Guardrail System – Guozhong Chen, January 2004.
      8. Simplified Creep-Rupture material Model for Implicit FEA – Fengxia Ouyang, November 2005.
      9. Simulation of Ballistic Impact Behavior of Tri-Axially Braided Composite Half-Cylinders – Marcin Staniszewski, April 2007.
      10. Non-Destructive Investigation & FEA Correlation on an Aircraft Sandwich Composite Structure – Justin Bail, December 2007.
      11. High Strain Rate Data Acquisition of 2D Braided Composite Substructures – Chuck Ruggeri, September 2009.

Special Projects Directed

      1. Interaction of Two Annular Interfacial Cracks – Partial Bound of Fiber – Wanming Lao – Summer 1993.
      2. Smart Structures in Structural Engineering, M.Sc. Project by Joushua Raymond, Summer 1999.
      3. Efficiency Estimation for Multibolted GFRP Single Connected Angles, M.Sc. Project by  Traian-Ovidiu Gheorghiu,  Summer 2000.
      4. Singularity Index for a Kinked Crack in Anisotropic Material using Finite Element Analysis – M.Sc Project by Khaled A. Hamad, May 2001.

Past Students:  Xuetao Li, Charles Ruggeri

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