Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, at left, will be among the experts presenting research during Summit 2017: Nature-Inspired Exploration for Aerospace (NIEA), Oct. 3-6. The Ohio Aerospace Institute, Great Lakes Biomimicry and The University of Akron, in collaboration with NASA Glenn Research Center, have invited researchers from around the world to explore biomimicry-inspired technology at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, 22800 Cedar Point Road, Cleveland.

The summit brings thought leaders in industry, academia and government together to learn about nature-inspired solutions that conserve energy, reduce waste and deliver promising solutions to aerospace challenges now and in the future. The summit contributes to the NASA Glenn Research Center’s ongoing effort to create a design tool (PeTaL) to enable nature-inspired systems.

Dhinojwala, our H.A. Morton Professor of Polymer Science and co-principal investigator at the Biomimicry Research Innovation Center (BRIC), has conducted innovative research on anti-icing materials and bio-inspired adhesives. In addition to his presentation, he will lead tours and demonstrations on biomimicry-related research at our Goodyear Polymer Center. His collaborative work in biomimicry is also part of the newly established BRIC here.

Other UA presenters and their topics include Dr. Petra Gruber, above left, associate professor of art; “Biomimetic Design Concepts for NASA Zero-Gravity Exercise Devices;” Dr. Junliang Tao, middle left, assistant professor of civil engineering, “Soil Stabilization by Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation;” and Dr. Henry Astley, lower left, assistant professor of biology, “Snakes in Space: Biomimetic Snake Robots for Extraterrestrial Exploration.”