NEW! HTML Editor – Add quicklinks to content modules, submodules and course overview

HTML Editor – Add quicklinks to content modules, submodules and course overview

Users can now link directly to content modules, submodules, and course overviews directly from the Insert Quicklink option in the HTML editor. This change allows users to insert quicklinks directly to specific portions of course content within any tool with the HTML Editor. Previously, only a link to the Content tool was available from the Insert Quicklink option in the HTML editor. Check out the Faculty News and Tips site for a demo.

Module QuickLink Button

Module QuickLink Button

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NEW! Grades – Add grade release date to Grade Event Log

This feature enables instructors to view the exact date and time a student’s grade is released or unreleased. The Grade Event Log now includes a column that displays the type of event that occurred (Grade Released and / or Grade Unreleased) in addition to the existing Grade Updated events. As a result, instructors can review and validate the dates a student’s grades were released or unreleased.

The following events are now included in the User Grades Event Log:

  • Grade Released
  • Grade Unreleased

To view the event log:

  1. Open Grades from the Assessments menu.
  2. From the More Actions button, select Event log.
Event Log for Grades

Event Log for Grades

Note: No historic data is available for grades that were released / unreleased prior to this feature.


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Implementing IPSIS in Brightspace on October 5th

What is changing?

From a technical standpoint, on Friday, Oct. 5, we will replace the Holding Tank (HT) process that has been in place since 2008 with the new Integration Pack for Student Information Systems (IPSIS). Among other improvements, the upgrade will enable us to use Brightspace for Learning Outcomes Assessment.

What does that mean in English?

We are changing the way that enrollment is sent from PeopleSoft to Brightspace.  For the most part, you will only notice this change if you merge courses. If you don’t merge courses, you can disregard the rest of this message.

Currently, when a course is merged, your sections become groups in your new merged course. As you know, you can view the classlist and the gradebook by group to find the students in each section.

After the change and beginning with the Spring 2019 (4191) courses, you will see sections in your course after a merge.  You will be able to view the classlist and gradebook by section.  

For the Fall 2018 (4187) courses ONLY, you will see BOTH sections and groups.  This is because we have already merged your courses using the old HT process.  In this situation, you can basically use sections or groups interchangeably.

Going forward, you use the Groups tool as it was intended to be used.  You can create groups using the groups functionality. Beginning with Spring 2019, Brightspace will not automatically create any groups in your course.


There will be a short period on Friday, Oct. 5 in which you will see more sections than you expect. Some sections will be empty. The empty sections will disappear at the end of the update, within a few hours. No information will be lost.

Here’s a more detailed explanation.  All existing courses that have been merged using the old HT process, will also need to be manually merged again using the new IPSIS process.  Technically, this will not impact faculty or students. Your existing merged course will continue to exist. It will have all of its content and all of the student activity.  We simply have to add the new IPSIS-created sections to your existing HT-merged course. No information will be lost.

If you are a faculty member and you are teaching a course that has been merged, you will temporarily see ALL of the sections.  For example, if you merged 3 sections, you will temporarily see 4 sections (the merged section and the 3 original sections).  Each of the underlying sections will be empty.

This situation is temporary and should last only for a few hours.  You can simply ignore the additional empty courses. As soon as we re-merge those using IPSIS, you will only see the correct merged courses again. To repeat, nothing will happen to your courses and no content will be lost.

Can I use Sections in Release Conditions?

Yes. In a merged course, you will be able to use release conditions to share specific content with sections, if desired.

Why are we changing to IPSIS?

IPSIS is a newer approach that provides more functionality than the current system.  Primarily we need to do this so we are able to map multiple course sections to the same template.  This will allow us to use Brightspace for Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA).

If I do not care about LOA, will this change benefit me?

YES!  There are many additional benefits with IPSIS.  The most obvious benefit is that we can merge courses immediately.  You will no longer need to wait until the next day to have your new merged course.  There are more features and benefits that we can share, but for simplicity, this is the change that will benefit most people.

When is the Change Coming?

The change is scheduled for Friday, October 5th.  

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DDS Workshop Starting Soon!

Learn to develop an online course

Designing and Developing Your Online Course: A Hands-On Workshop

Fall 2018 Semester – This is the first half of the workshop

  • Meets: Fridays 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Starts: Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Ends: Friday, December 7, 2018
  • Location: Leigh Hall 215

Spring 2019 Semester – This is the second half of the workshop

  • Meets: Fridays 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Starts: Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Ends: Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Location: TBD

This workshop is designed to assist faculty members in the creation of an online or hybrid course. Design and Development Services (DDS) staff will demonstrate all of the steps needed to design and develop a complete online course followed by hands on time to implement each step in your own course. Open Lab time is dedicated for you to work on your course with the support of the DDS staff on hand each day. You will be assigned a designer with whom you can work and they will answer questions, help resolve any design challenges, and assist with the execution of new tools and ideas. Faculty will leave with a variety of takeaway resources including templates, handouts, samples, and completed course content.

Pre-reqs: You should be very comfortable using the basic features of Springboard. You will need to bring materials with you for the course you will be developing during the workshop.

This workshop includes the official QM training to this workshop so you will graduate with a Quality Matters Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) certificate, in addition to your workshop completion certificate. 

If you have questions, email Wendy Lampner,


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Open Lab for Faculty

Faculty in Lab

Faculty in Lab

Just a quick reminder that there is an Open lab today for faculty.  The open lab will run from 10-2 in Bierce 154.  You can come in any time during that period and we will help you on a first-come, first-served basis.  The DDS team will be there to help with Brightspace, Panopto, WebEx, Clickers, Learning Glass, H5P, or any other academic technology questions you may have.  You can stay for as long or as little time as needed to get your questions answered.  In general, we typically have the most attendees in the first hour and fewer near the end of the day, in case you are trying to plan your day.

We do recommend that you bring a laptop.

See you today!

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WebEx Gets a New Look

New WebEx Meetings Interface

New WebEx Meetings Interface

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, Cisco Systems updated our WebEx service to the latest version.

Note that WebEx functionality is not changing, however, there are significant changes to the appearance of WebEx. This does mean that the location of just about every feature has moved.

Interface upgrades will include visual changes to formatting and layout. Essential controls such as muting, sharing, and recording will be centralized for easier navigation. New features include group chat, improved video collaboration, and more control over who and what you see during your conference call.

Learn about the new Webex features and how they compare to the current version.

If you have any questions or concerns, register for the WebEx Training Session or an Open Lab here: ITL Seminars .

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Never Too Late to Learn Something New?


Badges faculty have earned in our workshops

Just when you think you know how things work, someone goes and changes something. Having worked in the university setting for 20 years, I personally think there should be a ban on changes in August. However, since I am not in charge of everything, the best thing I can offer is a few training options and maybe a badge or two if Steve is feeling generous. On that note, we have a full range of training and professional development opportunities on the schedule for August including:

Brightspace introduction for faculty, offered Aug. 21 from 1-3 OR Aug. 30 from 9-11, will cover basic navigation, activating your course, adding a news item, adding content, setting up a basic grade book and adding an assignment folder.
Brightspace intermediate training for faculty, offered Aug. 22 from 1-3 OR Aug. 30 from 2-4, will include setting up a basic quiz, creating and managing discussions, modifying the navigation and homepage, and monitoring student progress.
WebEx Training for Faculty and Staff, offered Aug. 21 from 1-2:30. This hands-on training session will be mainly focused on how faculty can utilize the tool for teaching synchronously, however staff can use many of the same features to schedule virtual meetings. Important note: WebEx has been completely redesigned to have a more modern look. The functionality is the same, but just about all of the options have moved. 
Best Practices for Teaching Online (online: Aug. 13-20): During this course you will learn strategies for managing your time in an online course, strategies for building community, tips for hosting live sessions in WebEx, grading strategies, and tips for how to make teaching online enjoyable. You will also have access to video and step-by-step tutorials for all of the tools you will need to know how to use to teach online. This course has been designed to give you a mini experience as an online student in case you have never taken an online course yourself. It is packed full of advice from experienced UA faculty who have taught online and were willing to record their experiences. This is an online course hosted in Brightspace.
Open Labs for Faculty, offered Aug. 20 from 12-4 and Aug. 28 from 10-2, will provide an opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructional designer or multimedia developer to tweak your course for fall. Design and Development Services will be there to assist you with many of the semester start-up tasks. We are requesting that faculty members register for this open lab so we know you’re coming. You are welcome to stay for as little or as long as you like during our scheduled hours. This will be question & answer and individual consultations, we will not have any “training” presentations during open labs.
Brightspace Advanced Training for Faculty, offered Sep. 14 from 9-11, will cover advanced Brightspace topics including release conditions, creating pages with embedded media, creating and using groups, intelligent agents, rubrics, checklists, the Manage Dates tool, and creating widgets.
To register for any of these sessions, please sign up here:

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5 Star Support

DDS is happy to announce 5-Star Support for Students this semester.

Students can stop by Leigh Hall 506 on August 31st or September 7th for hands-on help with Brightspace, WebEx, TurningPoint Clickers, or Panopto videos. No appointment necessary, just stop by from 10:00am to 6:00pm to make sure all of your software is working before that first big assignment or exam.

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New Best Practices in Rubrics Grading-Coming Fall 2018

There will be some exciting changes coming to Rubrics Grading Experience through June-December 2018.

What’s new:

  • The new rubric grading is consistent across all workflows and tools
  • It auto-saves your changes as you grade
  • It separates rubric Total from Overall Score making it possible to communicate both the numeric grade and the level of achievement to learners
  • It works the same whether you have Learning Objectives associated or not
  • It has a responsive mobile view making it attractive to grade on tablets and phones


Assignment and some Discussion Workflows

Assignment and some Discussion Workflows

After (in all workflows and tools):

After (in all workflows and tools):

Learner view: 

Learner view

Further information about the updating:

  1. Changes coming to Rubrics Grading Experience-Coming Fall 2018
  2. New Best Practices In Rubrics Grading-Coming Fall 2018


If you have any questions about Rubric, or any other Brightspace features, you can:

  • Call DDS at 330.972.4455 during UA business hours
  • Stop into DDS in Leigh Hall 506
  • Sign up for Brightspace training or an open lab here: Register for Brightspace Training
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Brightspace Bug – Special Characters in Quiz Names breaks the option to create questions

attentionAt this time there is a known bug in Brightspace that occurs when a quiz name includes special characters such as apostrophes or pound signs. If your quiz includes these characters in the name, you will get an error if you try to add questions.

As a workaround until there is a fix, you will need to change the quiz name to remove any special characters. To do this:

  1. Edit the Quiz.
  2. Change the name to remove special characters such as apostrophes (‘) or pound (#) signs.
  3. Click Save. 

If you do not need to add questions to your quiz, no changes are needed. We are sorry for the trouble this issue is causing. The vendor is working to correct it and expects it to be corrected in version 10.8.4 (eta: August 23, 2018).

If you need assistance:

Call 330.972.4455 during business hours
After hours, email Zip Support

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