Learn to develop an online course

Learn to develop an online course

Designing and Developing Your Online Course: A Hands-On Workshop

Fall 2019 Semester

  • Meets: Fridays 9:30 am – 3:30 pm*
  • Starts: Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Ends: Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Location: Bierce 274
  • * Note the session will run from 9:00 – 4:00 on Friday, October 11th to accommodate the Quality Matters training.

This workshop is designed to assist faculty members in the creation of an online or hybrid course. Design and Development Services (DDS) staff will demonstrate all of the steps needed to design and develop a complete online course followed by hands on time to implement each step in your own course. Open Lab time is dedicated for you to work on your course with the support of the DDS staff on hand each day. You will be assigned a designer with whom you can work and they will answer questions, help resolve any design challenges, and assist with the execution of new tools and ideas. Faculty will leave with a variety of takeaway resources including templates, handouts, samples, and completed course content.

Pre-reqs: You should be very comfortable using the basic features of Brightspace. You will need to bring materials with you for the course you will be developing during the workshop.
Space is limited, and there is some upfront work on our site to get things ready for you, so please register as soon as possible!

This workshop includes the official QM training to this workshop so you will graduate with a Quality Matters Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) certificate, in addition to your workshop completion certificate. 

If you have questions, email Wendy Lampner, wjl3@uakron.edu

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Brightspace Training Update

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
MyCourses, and
The Assignments
Release Conditions Homepage Navigation
and editing
The Announcements
Grading and
Leaving Feedback
HTML Editor Widgets
Customizing Profile
and Notifications
Inserting YouTube
Course templates and
template settings
Creating new modules The Quizzes and
Exams Tool
Managing Groups Creating and
a File
Check sent mail The Question
Intelligent Agents Insert Stuff
Adding a User
to the Course
The Discussions
Rubrics Change course banner/tile image
The Gradebook Quick Eval Checklists  
Importing, Exporting,
and Copying
Manage Dates    

We have reorganized our Brightspace training into four levels.

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Embedding Panopto Recordings in Brightspace | Update

There is a new recommended procedure for sharing your Panopto recordings with your students. Instead of hosting all of your recordings in one folder, we recommend linking one recording at a time. The following steps will show you how to embed individual videos in your content. Sharing your Panopto recordings this way will improves your student’s experience and it simplifies the process of copying recordings to a new semester!

  1. Begin by entering your Panopto folder and locate the recording you would like to share.
  2. Hold your mouse over the video and click the share button
  3. Click the Embed tab
  4. Change “Who Has Access” to “Anyone with the link”
  5. Highlight and copy the embed code.
  6. Return to Brightspace and go to the Content area where you wish to add the video.
  7. Click the blue Upload/Create button and select Video or Audio.
  8. Paste the embed code in the box.
  9. Enter a title for the video and click save.

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Rubric Grading Experience Update

There have been many improvements to the Rubrics Grading Experience.

Feature Differences Between Old Rubrics & New Rubrics Grading:


•The ability to save a rubric assessment as draft is now present in all tools where rubrics can be attached and assessed. In addition, the rubrics will auto-save as drafts while you grade so that work is not lost.


•It is no longer possible to leave feedback on the overall score of the rubric. Instead, you can leave feedback on each criterion (as usual) or in the Feedback of the Assignment.

•Rubric feedback is now plain-text only; the ability to leave HTML feedback has been removed.

Total Score vs Overall Level

•In new rubrics, the Total Score and Overall Level are separate. Overriding one will not override the other. The total score will feed into any attached grade item.

In Assignments

•The “Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback for the assignment submission” option has been removed. Instead, students will see the rubric feedback in their graded activity.

•“Save & Record” is gone because the rubric will now automatically save and record the points to the assignment submission.

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Congratulations to our DDS Workshop Completers!

Design and Development Services (DDS) has completed it’s seventeenth “Designing and Developing Your Online Course Workshop” this past June. This workshop was created to help faculty members with the development of their online and hybrid courses.

Our workshop focused predominantly on how to use Brightspace to its fullest potential, and how to apply sound pedagogical practices in an online environment. In addition, we covered a wide variety of topics, which included:

  • Customizing and personalizing the course homepage
  • Importing and using accessible course templates
  • Customizing a syllabus for an online course
  • Establishing alignment with your objectives, content, and assessments
  • Grade book tips and strategies
  • Creating rubrics and using the rubric repository
  • Designing quizzes and using Respondus Monitor
  • Course automation through intelligent agents and release conditions
  • Strategies to track student success
  • Gamifying your course with awards
  • Creating and using widgets
  • Creating video assignments
  • Creating lectures with Panopto, Explain Everything, and Learning Glass
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)
  • Creating H5P interactives, publishing to YouTube, and embedding media
  • Metacognitive strategies
  • How to use eReserves, Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Teaching synchronously with WebEx
  • The student perspective (panel discussion with students)

Attendees of the workshops represent a wide variety of departments from across campus. Most of the instructors had previous experience with Brightspace, but everyone comes in with differing skill levels. DDS staff visited each table during instructor-led sessions and open labs to ensure all instructors were able to complete each session.

Faculty display their awards on their name tents

Faculty display their awards

To help faculty members visualize the knowledge they have mastered, we created badges for each major lesson.  Another advantage to issuing badges was that it promoted conversation and idea sharing. We awarded instructors with “great comment” and “great question” badges.

Amazing comment badge Great question badgeSyllabus badgeMetacognition badge

Dr. Bill McHenry from the CBA’s Management Department received the grand prize for obtaining the most badges. Jennifer Stiles from the History Department won the award for her Steal My Idea session.

To find out about our next workshop, view the website here.

To register for the upcoming workshop, please click here.

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Discover – Search for courses and self-enroll | New

To provide students with greater flexibility and control over their personal learning goals, the new Discover tool allows students to search for courses and self-enroll. Only courses that allow self-enrollment (configured by course administrators or instructors) appear in the Discover tool. Discover is available from the main system navbar.

From the navbar, you click Discover, and then view or search for self-enrollment courses.

New discover tool
New Discover Tool
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Alert! Summer 2019 Start Dates Reset to PeopleSoft Dates

If you are not teaching this summer, or if you do not modify your summer course dates, you can disregard this notice.

In our conversion to IPSIS in Brightspace, we accidentally chose end dates that were too early. We just discovered this after the Spring term ended. This past week, we corrected the Fall 2019 end dates. Unfortunately, the IPSIS system only has one option – it can change all of the start AND end dates, or it does not change any start and end dates.

Because the current Summer 2019 term and the upcoming Fall 2019 term are both in progress, all of the summer dates were also changed to match PeopleSoft. If you had previously modified your summer start or end date, it will now be set back to the PeopleSoft dates. If you want to make changes you will need to:

  1. Open the Edit Course [Course Admin]option from your MyTools menu.
  2. Select Course Offering Information.
  3. Modify your start and end dates as desired.
  4. Click Save.

I apologize for any trouble this change may have caused.

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Courses Activated By Default

Good news! Due to a recent change in Brightspace, courses are now Activated by default. This actually changed in January, but with a combination of scheduling challenges, we did not get an announcement posted.

Even though courses are automatically activated, students will not be able to open your course until after the start date. It’s much less confusing for students, because they see your course in their My Courses panel with a notation that your course opens on the start date.

Courses are now displayed with their start date or, in cases when a course is open, their end date.

In addition to displaying the start date of your class, classes that have not yet opened display with a “greyed-out” thumbnail image. Once your class opens, the thumbnail will switch to full-color and will also display the end date of the course.

As always, you can still make changes to these settings by using the Edit Course [Course Admin] button from the My Tools menu and then clicking the Course Offering Information.

Due to this and other recent changes in Brightspace, we have cleaned up the My Tools menu. We removed options that are now easier to get to (eg. Homepages) or that are no longer needed (Activate course). We also added the new QuickEval option.

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Quick Eval is the Gift you did not know you wanted!

Quick Eval is a new tool that allows instructors to see a list of ungraded student submissions from ALL of your courses. Submissions from Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in one location. You can sort, filter, and search submissions to prioritize your grading. Sorting can be done using the first or last name of the student, Activity Name, Course Name, and Submission date. Filtering can be done using one or more of the following categories: Activity Name, Course Name, and Submission Date. Clicking on a user’s name opens an evaluation screen directly from the Quick Eval list where you can grade it. The search function in Quick Eval allows you to locate submissions for evaluation by searching for a specific user, assignment, quiz, discussion topic, or course.

Location of QuickEval

When learner submissions are evaluated and published, they no longer show up in the Quick Eval list. An empty Quick Eval list gives you confidence that you are all caught up!

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Finally – You can Annotate Assignments in Brightspace!

Instructors can now use the built-in annotation toolbar in Assignments to provide contextual feedback with highlighting, free hand drawing, shapes, and associated commenting. This allows instructors to complete all of your evaluation and feedback work directly in Assignments, without the need to use any external tools or applications. You can edit Annotations until you publish the feedback. If you want to add additional feedback after publishing, you can update the annotations and re-publish them.

Document viewer toolbar
Figure: Document viewer toolbar
Annotation tools when grading assignment submissions
Figure: Annotation tools when grading assignment submissions
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