LOR: Metadata

Metadata is essential for the ease of use of the Learning Object Repository (LOR). Metadata can make items that you post easier to find by your colleagues and vice versa. Essentially, metadata is a series of descriptive tags that are attached to learning objects that allow them to be found easily. With the LOR, you can attach metadata to your own learning objects or search for items already in the LOR with metadata.

To attach metadata to your own learning objects, you must add the metadata during the publishing process.
1. In the course you wish to upload files from, select the content tab.
2. Next to the content you wish to upload, select the publish icon ( ) on the right side of the screen.
3. Select the option to create a new object.
4. Select whether you want to hide the object.
5. Select the metadata icon () to add metadata.

6. Add your desired metadata and select save.
7. Select next.
8. Select publish
9. The object can now be accessed from the LOR and contains the added metadata.

To search the LOR using metadata:
1. Go to the course you wish to upload files to.
2. Select the content tab
3. Under manage content, select add learning object.
4. Select advanced search.
5. Add your desired metadata search criteria

6. Select search.
7. Items relating to your search terms and metadata will be displayed.

Select this link for more information on metadata.

Select this link for more information on the LOR.

LOR resources are waiting to be found, add or search with metadata today!

Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services.

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