LOR: Storage

Digital storage space is at a premium. When you copy your course, you make an extra copy of every item in your course, thus duplicating storage needs.  If you copy your course multiple times, you are repeatedly increasing digital storage space requirements in Springboard.
So what’s the alternative?  The Learning Object Repository (LOR) provides a place to share your learning objects as well as store them. You can publish your content into the LOR and place a link to the objects in your course.  Now, when you copy your course, you will copy only links and not data and additional storage space will be minimal.  As an added benefit, your copy will take significantly less time!
Picture from: http://www.desire2learn.com/learningrepository/overview/
Also consider that courses older than 3 years will eventually be purged to recover space on the file system. Although courses will be purged, there are no plans to eliminate the LOR. This means that learning objects that you publish will be secure and will be available for the foreseeable future.
Select this link for an overview of the LOR.
Select this link for detailed information on the LOR.
The LOR is waiting, store your learning objects today!
Jacob Bane
Graduate Assistant Design and Development Services.
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