How to find the link to your WebEx personal room

Your WebEx personal room is a quick way for anyone to meet you in WebEx. Unlike scheduled meetings, the URL is always the same. Because of this, you can give someone the link to your personal room and it will always connect them to the right place. Because of this, it is an excellent option to use for office hours or to quickly meet with a student.

You can copy and paste this link into your email signature, add it to a widget in your Springboard classroom, or share it anywhere else for easy access.

How to Find the Link to your WebEx Personal Room

  1. Log in to the WebEx. You can do this at:
  2. If it doesn’t automatically log you in, click Log In on the right.
  3. On the yellow navigation bar, click on My WebEx.
  4. Below your name and the Start Meeting button, click on More Ways to Join.
  5. The URL for your personal room is under the heading (Your Name)’s Personal Room. ""
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