Eureka! The Header Row & Names Now Freeze in the Gradebook!


Death to Stock Winter Texture

It is finally Spring, so why does this post include ice? At long last, we have some exciting news about the Brightspace gradebook. Version 10.8.1 (applied on 5/24/18) introduces the locked Name column and header row. This is also known as freezing a row or column in a spreadsheet. Instructors can now scroll through student grades without losing the student name or grade item name. You will find this new behavior in the following pages within Grades:

  • Standard View
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Grade Category
  • Grade Individual Item
  • Final Grades

Important caveat for those using old browsers: The old behavior that repeats the Name column and header row every x columns / rows is only available on legacy web browsers (Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge). The new locked Name column / header row is present on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers and is not present on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge web browsers. The locked Name column /header row will also not be active when using a small screen space such as a mobile device.

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