Congratulations to our DDS Workshop Completers!

Design and Development Services (DDS) has completed it’s seventeenth “Designing and Developing Your Online Course Workshop” this past June. This workshop was created to help faculty members with the development of their online and hybrid courses.

Our workshop focused predominantly on how to use Brightspace to its fullest potential, and how to apply sound pedagogical practices in an online environment. In addition, we covered a wide variety of topics, which included:

  • Customizing and personalizing the course homepage
  • Importing and using accessible course templates
  • Customizing a syllabus for an online course
  • Establishing alignment with your objectives, content, and assessments
  • Grade book tips and strategies
  • Creating rubrics and using the rubric repository
  • Designing quizzes and using Respondus Monitor
  • Course automation through intelligent agents and release conditions
  • Strategies to track student success
  • Gamifying your course with awards
  • Creating and using widgets
  • Creating video assignments
  • Creating lectures with Panopto, Explain Everything, and Learning Glass
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)
  • Creating H5P interactives, publishing to YouTube, and embedding media
  • Metacognitive strategies
  • How to use eReserves, Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Teaching synchronously with WebEx
  • The student perspective (panel discussion with students)

Attendees of the workshops represent a wide variety of departments from across campus. Most of the instructors had previous experience with Brightspace, but everyone comes in with differing skill levels. DDS staff visited each table during instructor-led sessions and open labs to ensure all instructors were able to complete each session.

Faculty display their awards on their name tents

Faculty display their awards

To help faculty members visualize the knowledge they have mastered, we created badges for each major lesson.  Another advantage to issuing badges was that it promoted conversation and idea sharing. We awarded instructors with “great comment” and “great question” badges.

Amazing comment badge Great question badgeSyllabus badgeMetacognition badge

Dr. Bill McHenry from the CBA’s Management Department received the grand prize for obtaining the most badges. Jennifer Stiles from the History Department won the award for her Steal My Idea session.

To find out about our next workshop, view the website here.

To register for the upcoming workshop, please click here.

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