Rubric Grading Experience Update

There have been many improvements to the Rubrics Grading Experience.

Feature Differences Between Old Rubrics & New Rubrics Grading:


•The ability to save a rubric assessment as draft is now present in all tools where rubrics can be attached and assessed. In addition, the rubrics will auto-save as drafts while you grade so that work is not lost.


•It is no longer possible to leave feedback on the overall score of the rubric. Instead, you can leave feedback on each criterion (as usual) or in the Feedback of the Assignment.

•Rubric feedback is now plain-text only; the ability to leave HTML feedback has been removed.

Total Score vs Overall Level

•In new rubrics, the Total Score and Overall Level are separate. Overriding one will not override the other. The total score will feed into any attached grade item.

In Assignments

•The “Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback for the assignment submission” option has been removed. Instead, students will see the rubric feedback in their graded activity.

•“Save & Record” is gone because the rubric will now automatically save and record the points to the assignment submission.

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