Need Help?

All instructional services support requests should be directed to Zip Support. While we recognize that posting a comment on a blog is quick and easy, it is not the most effective or efficient method of requesting help.

Zip Support can be contacted one of three ways:

  1. Email Zip Support at
  2. Complete the online request form at
  3. Call Zip Support at 330.972.6888

When submitting a request electronically try to include as much detail as you can. At a minimum include:

  • Your UANet ID,
  • Your Name,
  • The application you are using
  • The name of the course(s) that you are experiencing trouble with,
  • A phone number if you’d like to be contacted via phone,
  • A brief description of the problem (i.e. you may be unable to submit an assignment or complete a quiz),
  • Any specific errors you are receiving.