Michael Barr

Office: Meigs County Court

Age: 39

Residence: Racine, OH

Email: mlbarr@littlesheetsbarr.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MickForMeigs/

Occupation: Partner at Little, Sheets & Barr, LLP

Education: J.D. from Capital University Law School; B.S. from Ohio University

Work Experience: Served 18 months as Acting Judge in the Meigs County Court; licensed to practice law in Ohio and West Virginia for nearly 10 years

Family: Married with one son

Affiliations: Board of Governors of the Ohio State Bar Association; Board of Directors of the Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation

Endorsements: N/A

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):

I served as Acting Judge of the Meigs County Court from January 2017 until June 2018. My appointment ended in June 2018 with the passing of Judge Steven L. Story, who had appointed me to the position in January 2017.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

Being a partner at a law firm in a small town, I have broad legal experience in nearly every area of the law. I am licensed to practice law in both Ohio and West Virginia, and routinely represent individual and commercial clients in state and federal courts, in real estate and associated business transactions, collection matters, and general civil litigation matters.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?

Simply put- I want to help the people of Meigs County, Ohio. During my 1 ½ years as Acting Judge of the Meigs County Court, I gained invaluable judicial experience, and saw first-hand the opportunity available to the Judge of the Meigs County Court to help battle the opioid epidemic we presently face. Because the Meigs County Court hears misdemeanor criminal matters (felonies are heard in the Common Pleas Court), this Court plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system. Very rarely is a person’s first criminal act a felony; often, the person that commits a felony has committed misdemeanor crimes in the past. If elected, I will use every tool and resource available to the Judge of the Meigs County Court, including but not limited to a robust probation department and a specialized drug court docket, to see that those who commit misdemeanors do not graduate to committing felonies. We are not able to solve all problems in the Meigs County Court, but we can certainly do our part- and we must do it well. If elected, I will see that the Court’s criminal and civil docket is run efficiently, effectively, and in a friendly manner that serves the public and the litigants who come before it.