Phillip S. Naumoff

Office: Richland County Common Pleas Court

Age: 57

Residence: Mansfield, OH

Email: None

Website: Naumoff for Common Pleas Judge/

Occupation: Magistrate Mansfield Municipal Court

Education: B.A. Miami University, J.D. University of Toledo, College of Law

Work Experience: Naumoff & Naumoff (partner) 16 years in private practice, 8 1/2 years as a magistrate and acting judge this past year

Family: Married. I have one daughter, a granddaughter and stepson.

Affiliations: Board member for Area Agency on Aging, former board member of Mansfield City Parks Department, RSVP, St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Board. I am a member of the Ohio Association of Magistrates, Ohio State Bar Association, Richland County Bar Association and a member of AMVETS Post 26.

Endorsements: Richland County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 32(unanimous), Crawford-Richland Labor Council, Carpenter’s Union 735, Laborer’s Union 1216, United Steelworkers 169, IBEW 688.

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):

I have been the magistrate of the Mansfield Municipal Court for the last 8 1/2 years, along with serving as acting judge for this past year. During this time i have been charged with handling evictions, garnishments, traffic court and arraignments, criminal arraignments, civil trials, and dispositions. While on the bench, I have handled felony arraignments, extradition hearings, felony change of pleas, preliminary hearings, signing search and arrest warrants. I have continued to handle felony matters on a daily basis, which is exactly what I would be doing if elected to the bench in common pleas court. The Rules of Superintendents of the State of Ohio require that all felony criminal matters be heard by a judge and take precedence over civil matters. This is why the judges in common pleas court almost exclusively handle criminal matters and not much else. Magistrates are appointed and handle the majority of the civil work. I am the only candidate that has this experience. I also have presided over a jury trial, which no other candidate has done. Along with my other duties, I also have dealt with the specialty court docket which includes our drug and alcohol treatment court, veteran’s court, mental health court, domestic violence court and extension court, which deals with defendants that have been subjected to human trafficking. This experience, I believe, makes me the best and most prepared to assume the position that is now open.

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

As a practicing attorney for 16 years, prior to being appointed a magistrate for the past 8 1/2 years, I have handled a myriad of cases, ranging from misdemeanor traffic offenses to murder. I have handled cases in common pleas courts throughout Ohio, as well as municipal courts, juvenile courts, domestic relations courts, juvenile courts, appellate courts and federal courts. Along with my criminal experience, I also have handled all types of civil matters as well. It is this wide array of legal work that allows me to sit on the bench as the most qualified candidate in this race, and what earned me a unanimous endorsement from the Richland County Fraternal Order of Police. The brunt of work that falls upon the judges of the common pleas court are criminal in nature and I am the one candidate that can tout my qualifications in that aspect. Furthermore, pursuant to the requirements of the Ohio Supreme Court, in order to be appointed to handle a criminal case within the common pleas court, an attorney would have had to handle certain types of cases, within a certain time span. I am the only candidate that would be qualified to be appointed. There is not a type of case that could come before the court that I have not handled, wherefore, my past legal experience would serve me well, just as it has on the bench as a magistrate within the Mansfield Municipal Court.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?

As an immigrant, that spoke no English when i began school, this community has given me more than I could of ever hoped for. This is a way for me to give back to the citizens of this county, who have given me and my family so much. Public service has always been important to me, and why I left private practice, and this position would be an extension of that. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. It is what we do with our lives in between that matters. By presiding over the common pleas court, I would be able to take both my private practice and magistrate’s experience and use those to make this county a safer and better place. My work with the specialty courts, as well as the Ohio Attorney General’s Opioid Task Force, have placed me in a unique position to help address the drug issues that have been plaguing this county for years. I also believe I can make a difference when dealing with other crimes, having dealt with the issues from both sides of the bench, a perspective that only I have in this race. I believe that the residents of Richland County deserve to have a competent, compassionate and caring judge, one who treats all fairly, not just the defendant, but also law enforcement, victims and all who either work within the legal system, or come into contact with it. I truly want to make this court a place for justice and resolution.