Extended Bar Prep: Saturday!

We’ll start extended bar prep study sessions this Saturday at 10:30 in Room 325. We’ll do a property question (since quite a lot of you struggled with property on the Baby Bar).

The extended bar prep study sessions are intended primarily for people within 2 semesters of the bar exam, but everyone is welcome to attend. Periodically reviewing subjects from your 1L year throughout your law school career will help build long-term memory. That should make it feel less like you’re starting over again from scratch when it’s your turn for the bar exam!

There will be Saturday sessions likely through the February bar exam, but we’ll skip next Saturday (the 21st) to avoid a conflict with Akron Law Cares.

The weekday session that was most popular in the doodle poll was Wednesday from 3PM – 5PM. We can’t meet this week, since I’m at a conference on the Uniform Bar Exam, so we’ll start the following week: September 25. That conflicts with ACJ, but there wasn’t another weekday time that more than a couple of people indicated an interest in. Let me know if you are interested in attending and can’t attend either Wednesday or Saturday and we’ll see what we can work out.

Questions: nlr22@uakron.edu