Fall 2018 Exam Reschedule Policy

Generally:  You may reschedule a free-slot or scheduled exam if you have an exam conflict or otherwise meet the stated policy**, if you have a doctor-confirmed illness, or in case of an emergency during the time set for the exam.  If you want to reschedule a set exam, you must submit a Rescheduling Form to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

**An examination conflict consists if two examinations are scheduled at the same time or three examinations are scheduled within 24 hours.  Part-time students who have examinations on both the first Wednesday and the first Friday of exam period, and full-time students who have three examinations between the first Wednesday and Sunday of the exam period are also granted relief, at the option.

Unexpected Illness:  Students who are ill may contact the Assistant Director of Student Affairs to reschedule an examination BEFORE the time of the examination.  Once a student begins an examination, the student must complete that examination and receive that grade.

Examinations that are rescheduled due to conflict or illness must be rescheduled within the exam period at the earliest available time.  If illness prevents rescheduling during exam period, the examination must be scheduled no later than the start of the next semester.  Students who cannot reschedule an examination before the next semester should consult with the Assistant Director of Student Affairs.


Fall 2018 – ESL Accommodation for International Students – Due Nov. 21, 2018

  • International students for whom English is a second language may receive up to 50% additional time on School of Law exams and may also request exam usage of a native language translation dictionary.
  • Students should request additional time and or use of dictionaries for both midterms and finals through Students Services at the School of Law and by completing the International Student Exam Accommodation Request Form and submitting it to the Assistant Dean of Global Engagement Patrick Gaughan.
  • All Accommodation Request Forms must be submitted at least two weeks before an examination and require approval from the Office of Student Services and the course professor.  Accommodation of each type is discretionary only.
  • Translation dictionaries are not provided by the Office of Student Services.  The dictionary may not contain additional writing.
  • The School of Law faculty strongly encourages international students for whom English is a second language to gradually take law school exams without any additional time in preparation for the bar examination.

The deadline to submit the Request Form to Assistant Dean Gaughan is WEDNESDAY, November 21, 2018.

Fall 2018 Exam Accommodations – Due Nov. 21, 2018

Students with continuing needs should register with and provide documentation to the University Office of Accessibility AND notify Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Misty Franklin.

Students with documented disabilities which require supported accommodations are entitled to classroom and testing accommodations.  Students with a one-time need for accommodations (i.e. broken arm) must register immediately with Assistant Director of Student Affairs Misty Franklin.

Students are responsible to register for accommodations at the start of each semester they are attending class(es).  Exam accommodations must be sought by completing the Special Exam Accommodations Request Form and submitting it to Assistant Director of Student Affairs Misty Franklin by WEDNESDAY, November 21, 2018.