Extended Bar Prep Study Group

Extended bar prep study group meets this week on Wednesday (6:30 – 8:30) and Saturday (10:30 AM – 12:30 AM) in L-325

The topic this week:  Evidence

The Ohio bar exam includes an evidence essay – so if your exposure to evidence is limited to multiple choice, this week is a good opportunity to practice handling it in an essay!  (Evidence is also one of the potential essays on the UBE)

Mid-day study group:  So far, no consensus on a day.  There are equal votes for  every day (although the votes are more solid for Tuesday – Thursday than for Friday).  Unfortunately, whichever day I select will exclude 3 people who have expressed an interest!  If you voted for only one day, but could attend a different one – please let me know (clicking twice will mark a day, “could attend if I had to.”  If you are interested, and haven’t voted yet, feel free to drop by and cast a vote

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu

Extended bar prep study group: Payment Systems

Saturday – 10:30 to 12:30.  L-325

Join us for a 10,000 foot view of commercial paper, to give you a basic understanding of the concepts before we dive into writing an Ohio bar exam essay.

If you’re taking the bar exam in February or July, and you are new to Payment Systems, this is an opportunity for a head start on the very brief romp through Payment Systems that your bar vendor will provide you.  If you’ve taken Payment Systems, it’s a good review – and introduction to the essays you’ll see on the Ohio bar exam.

I’ll post the essay on the Extended Bar Prep BrightSpace page Friday – if you don’t have access, and you’d like acess – let me know.

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu

Extended bar prep study group – Con Law this week!

Want a head start on bar prep?  We’re writing Con Law essays this week!

Wednesday 6:30 – Con Law: Due Process – July 2016 Question 2

Saturday 10:30 – Con Law:  First Amendment:  Speech – February 2002 Question 4


If you’re interested in adding a weekday afternoon study group – please vote here (several people have expressed interest)

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu

Extended Bar Prep Study Group

This Saturday:

Saturday’s Extended Bar Prep Study Group will meet at 10:30 in L-325.  The essay for Saturday is from February 2009, Question 7 – a criminal law question.

Afternoon session?

There has been some interest in an afternoon session.  If you’re interested in an afternooon session, please let me know here.  I’ve arbitrarily picked 2:00 PM (since that has worked best in the past).  If you’re interested in a particular day, please pick that day – even if the time isn’t  the best.  If there’s enough interest I’ll contact those interested in that day to choose the time that works best for everyone.

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu

Extended Bar Prep Study Groups – different time?

The extended (formerly early start) bar pep study groups currently meet on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.  We write bar essays (or  work on other bar prep skills that interest you).  These times were selected based on a vote that was taken earlier this year.

Since then I’ve had a handful of inquiries about a different time (weekday afternoon, or a different evening).   If you’re intersted in getting a head start on the bar exam, but Wednesday and Saturday don’t work for you – let me know.  If there’s enough interest, we’ll set up a third group.

Nancy L. Reeves | Assistant Dean for Academic Success