Who We Are

The Northeast Ohio Journal of History is a refereed, interdisciplinary periodical specializing in research pertaining to Northeast Ohio and the surrounding region. As stated in its bylaws, the journal’s purpose is:

  1. to stimulate and publish high-quality research in northeast Ohio history and prehistory
  2. to facilitate access to northeast Ohio archives and historical resources
  3. to serve as a conduit of information for all archaeologists, academic historians, public historians, and members of the general public interested in northeast Ohio history and prehistory.

Our editorial board is comprised of representatives from the region’s major universities and museums, and includes scholars from the fields of history, public history, archaeology, and archival administration. In each issue, we intend to present not only featured articles and notes, but also virtual museum exhibits, primary source documents, and announcements of coming events relating to the history and heritage of the region.

Please direct any questions regarding the journal or its contents to Kevin Kern (Managing Editor) at kkern@uakron.edu or (330)972-7125.

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