Technical Program

The final technical program for oral presentations is available – PPS-30 Final Oral Presentation Program (updated June 6). The final poster presentation schedule is also available – PPS-30 Final Poster Presentation Schedule. NOTE: Corrections to the Program Here. The technical program is subject to change. Oral presenters will be notified of any changes made in the program by email sent to the reference author email address on file.

All presenters (oral and poster) are asked to submit either an extended abstract or a conference paper by the deadline of March 21, 2014.

Final technical program:

Notes on technical program:

  • The titles of plenary, keynote (KN), and special symposium talks are shown in the program.
  • The contributed talks are indicated by their paper number. For example, the paper “06-166” scheduled on Tuesday at 10:20 AM in Session 2 indicates the presentation time of abstract S06-166 in the symposium “S06: Polymer Nanocomposites”.

Plenary Talks:

The conference will host the following plenary speakers from industry and academia. Please click on a speaker’s name to view their abstract and biography:

Award Lectures:

The conference will host two award lectures:

  • James L. White Innovation Award
  • Morand Lambla Award

Keynote Talks:

The conference will host 53 keynote talks to be given by leading researchers of each field. A detailed list of keynote talks will be posted soon.

Regular Symposia:

  • Mixing and Compounding
    Organizers: U.T. Sundararaj (Canada), Pierre Elemans (Netherlands), Sachin Jain (India), Ling Du (USA)
  • Polymer Blends and Alloys
    Organizers: Anup Ghosh (India), Roberto Scaffaro (Italy), Frej Mighri (Canada), Thein Kyu (USA), Rathanawan Magaraphan (Thailand)
  • Rheology and Rheometry
    Organizers: Savvas Hatzikiriakos (Canada), Peter Halley (Australia), Ashish Lele (India), Rakesh Gupta(USA), Valery Kulichikhin (Russia)
  • Foams
    Organizers: Kun Cao (China) , Ernesto Di Maio (Italy), Denis Rodrigue (Canada), Du Ngoc Uy Lan (Malaysia)
  • Modeling and Simulation
    Organizers: Rekha R. Rao (USA), Lih-Sheng Turng (USA), Patrick Anderson (Netherlands), Mesfin Tsige (USA)
  • Composites
    Josh Wong (USA), Thanasis Papathanasiou (Greece), Sachin Jain (India)
  • Nanocomposites
    Organizers: Mariana Kontopolou (Canada), Arup Bhattacharyya (India), Sati Bhattacharya (Australia), Vikas Mittal (UAE), Suprakash Sinha Ray (South Africa), Nagesh Potluri (USA), Fengge Gao (UK)
  • Fibers and Films
    Organizers: Abdella Ajji (Canada), Rudolph Hufenus (Switzerland), Byoung J. Lee (USA), Gary Wnek (USA)
  • Reactive Processing
    Organizers: Guo Hua Hu (France), Joseph Golba (USA)
  • Extrusion and Extrusion Processes
    Organizers: Joseph Golba (USA), Krzysztof Wilczynski (Poland), Goknur Bayram (Turkey), Han-Xiong Huang (China)
  • Injection Molding
    Organizers: Avraam Isayev (USA), Shih-Jung Liu (Taiwan), Furong Gao (Hong Kong)
  • Elastomer Materials and Processing
    Organizers: Changwoon Nah (South Korea), Meera Balachandran (India), Jin K. Kim (South Korea), Antonio Mattia Grande (Italy), Chris Robertson (Saudi Arabia)

New Technologies:

  • Aerogels
    Organizers: Mary Ann Meador (USA), Hani Naguib (Canada), Dave Schiraldi (USA)
  • Material Technologies for Energy
    Organizers: Xiong Gong (USA), Yu Zhu (USA), Hunaid Nulwala (USA)
  • Material Technologies for Sustainability
    Organizers: Richard Gross (USA), Younjin Min (USA), Amar Mohanty (Canada)
  • Additive Manufacturing
    Organizers: Manfred Schmid (Switzerland), Jae-Won Choi (USA), Tom Hughes (USA)
  • Fire Science and Engineering
    Organizers: Joao Maia (USA), Ali Rangwala (USA)

Special Symposia:

  • Honorary Session: Professor Donald R. Paul
    Organizers: Sadhan C. Jana (USA), Eric Baer (USA)
  • Honorary Session: Professor Han E. H. Meijer
    Organizer: Miko Cakmak (USA), Patrick Anderson (Netherlands), Ica Manas Zloczower (USA)
  • Memorial Session: Late Professor Marino Xanthos
    Organizer: Costas Tzoganakis (Canada), John Vlachopoulos (Canada)
  • Memorial Session: Late Professor Xi Xu
    Organizers: Petr Saha (Czech Republic) and Q. Wang (China)

30th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society
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