ECE 4400:340 – Signals and Systems

This course develops mathematical transform techniques and computational tools to analyze the behavior of analog and digital systems. While the main part of the course focuses on discrete-time system analysis, we also consider mathematical foundations and tools applied to continuous-time systems. When completing this course, it is expected that a student shall have the ability to apply transform techniques and concepts in formulating and solving engineering problems.

MTWF 12:05-12:55PM Polsky 457


  • The first lecture will be held on Monday, Aug. 25.
  • First assignment has been posted on Aug. 21. This assignment covers a few basic concepts that you have seen before in Circuits II and Differential Equations. It will be due on Aug. 27, the third class meeting.
  • 2nd assignment has been posted on Aug. 27. It will be due on Sept. 3.



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