Towns and Communication


Volume 1: Communication in Towns

Neven Budak, Finn-Einar Eliassen, and Katalin Szende, editors

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The advent of email and texting has dramatically changed the way we communicate. In essence, we have lost “touch” in our dealings with each other. This change may have been speeded up by newer technologies, but telegraphs and telephones had a great impact in our perceptions of time and place. Before mass communication, the way we ordered and embedded knowledge and the possibilities of social interaction were defined by the extended human experience of living in towns. Can this experience be replicated with new technologies?

The topics discussed include lines of communication in medieval Dublin, the spreading of official information and the social uses of space in fifteenth-century Paris, ferry services and social life in early modern Norwegian towns, the role of cartography in Ireland in the nineteenth-century, the post office and communication in nineteenth-century Dublin, the tramway and the urban development of Zagreb in the period of modernization, migrant development of communication space in Sydney, and traffic and its impact on morphological and functional urban development.

About the authors

Neven Budak is a member of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb.

Katalin Szende is Associate Professor in the Department of Medieval Studies at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Finn-Einar Eliassen is Professor of History at Vestfold University College, Norway.

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