Maker Monday is Tonight!


We hope you will join us at the Schantz MakerSpace from 7-9pm for another exciting Maker Monday.

First on the agenda:

*Schantz MakerSpace is excited to announce we will be hosting our first ever Kids’ Christmas Crafts Day! This year’s event, titled “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” will feature several kid-centric craft projects utilizing supplies made from 3-D Printers, CNC Routers and Laser Engravers. We hope you’ll join us as we show kids the fun possibilities with manufacturing while sharing in the holiday spirit.

Maker Monday – What else to expect:

* We’re excited to have Maker Committee Member Barry Romich bringing his Chevrolet Bolt for a demonstration. The Bolt is an all-electric vehicle with a range of up to 238 miles per charge. While the automobile is a perfect example of manufacturing by makers, the all-electric design of this vehicle captures the forward thinking mindset of the maker movement.

*We wrapped up our first Drone Flight Training class on October 7th. We will review the experience and the challenges of flying our Blade Inductrix models. It was a lot of fun and gave us a good idea of the learning curve involved in flying drones. Special thanks to our teacher, Chris Ryan, for his help introducing us to the possibilities of this fun hobby.

* We will also be discussing our upcoming Fusion Software training class, currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th at 6:30pm here at the Schantz MakerSpace. This is a free event. If you have taken part in our CNC or 3-D Printer Build Classes, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the software and how to troubleshoot issues. If you plan to take part in the class and are part of our listserv discussion group, please send us your questions in advance of this date. Our committee members will work on the problems and try to have answers ready for the October 25th meeting. If you aren’t part of our listserv group, but plan to attend the meeting, send us your questions at

*Finally, our January 3-D Printer class is now full! We encourage those that have signed up to take part in the Maker Mondays to see what improvements we have made and get a feel for what is involved in your build class. These are great learning opportunities and can help you get a leg-up when the time comes to start building your kit.


* The MakerSpace is a place for continued learning and a big part of that is the troubleshooting session at the end of Maker Mondays. If you have built a machine at our makerspace and have run into an issue with coding, construction, stability, etc., please feel free to bring your machine and ask for help. Once we have completed our itinerary, the rest of the evening is dedicated to hands-on collaboration. Don’t feel like you are alone in diagnosing issues. We are here to help!


See you tonight!