Wayne College Library Curbside Pickup

Library materials are now requestable in the UA Libraries Catalog for Curbside Pickup at Wayne College

The Wayne College Library is now able to process requests for items available in the UA Libraries catalog to have available for curbside pick-up on Wednesdays this summer.

Search the UA Libraries catalog to locate materials from the Wayne College Library, Bierce Library, or the Science and Technology Libraries.

Place a hold and select your desired pickup location:

  • Pick up at Bierce (check the UAL website for available times)
  • Home Delivery (mailed to your home, you will be contacted to make these arrangements)
  • Wednesday Curbside at Wayne (currently only available on Wednesdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

Keep in mind that the materials will be pulled from the owning library and then staff from the designated pick-up location will need to exchange these materials on your behalf, which can add days to your request. If you’re in a hurry it may be quicker to request your materials and select the owning library as your pick-up location and go there to get them. We are estimating that requesting materials from the Bierce library to be picked up at the Wayne campus may take between 7 and 10 days, depending on when you place your hold. If you need help determining how best to select a pick up location, please reach out to the library staff and we can walk through your options.

Note: At this time the libraries are closed to the public and patrons will not have access to the facilities.  

Scheduling your Curbside Pickup

When your items have been received at your designated pick up location a librarian will contact you via your UA email to arrange a curbside pickup timeslot. Please read the instructions carefully.

Parking for Pickup or Dropoff

Park in the designated lot for curbside pickup: Curbside pickup is located in the parking lot BEHIND the Boyer gym and in front of the Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse. To get to this lot, enter from Smucker Road using the driveway between the YMCA parking lot and the main college parking lot. Drive past the YMCA on your right, and continue until the drive ends in the parking lot directly in front of the Farmhouse. Park in a space near the orange cone. See the parking map below.

Communicate Your Arrival

Call the library (330-684-8789) or send a text (330-551-5275) to confirm you have arrived. A librarian will come to your car and deliver your materials and receive any items you want to return.

Map designating drive off of Smucker Road, west of the YMCA, that ends at the Boyer Gym Lot.

Please note: Do not park in the main parking lot. Be sure to follow the side drive directly west of the YMCA’s parking lot.

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