2016 NFL Hall of Fame: Media Day

WZIP had a chance to cover one of the biggest events in Canton, Ohio. The NFL Hall of Fame. Khalil Smith and Dahmere Epperson had a chance to ask questions to soon to be Hall of Famers Tony Dundy, Marvin Harrison, Chris Martin, and Dermontti Dawson. Dermonttti shared with us stories about his life before the fame. After having a bad experience playing ninth grade football, Dermontti Dawson chose to not go out for his high school team his sophomore year. He didn’t join the football team until his13667742_10154425236677888_3477638463942591378_o junior year after being recruited due to his size by the school’s football coach. Tony Dundy also answered a question for us. Tony is the first African American coach to win a super bowl. Dahmere Epperson asked what advice he would give to aspiring young coaches? ” aspire to make a difference” -Tony Dundy  “It was surreal experience that will last a life time.”- Dahmere Epperson .  WZIP also gave a youth perspective. WZIP had the youngest group of representatives there.  Hall of Fame coach Tony Dundy: The first African American Head Coach to win a super bowl. He asked ” What advice would you give to young males aspiring to be as successful as you?” Overall this was a wonderful experience. WZIP appreciates the opportunity to be apart of this momentous occasion and WZIP looks forward to being the next NFL induction ceremony. We would like to thank all of the Honorees for the opportunity to answer our questions.