Member of the Week: Isaiah Houde

WZIP’s member of the week is Isaiah Houde. Isaiah joined WZIP in 2015 during the spring semester and is apart of the Sports and DJ Departments. He enjoys being apart of WZIP because of all of the resources and opportunities that the station offers its members.

Isaiah was nominated to be Member of the Week because of the hard work he puts into WZIP. He continues to help his fellow members and always brings a positive attitude. Isaiah gives solid performances on WZIP’s Sports Power Talks, as well as covering the Cavs. During his DJ shifts, Isaiah continues to engage with his callers. Apart from WZIP, Isaiah also writes two articles daily for the Patriots Wire.

Isaiah’s favorite color is red, his favorite animals are dogs, and he enjoys eating food that involves buffalo chicken. With what little free time Isaiah has, he spends it by catching up on his sleep. His favorite artist is J. Cole and he encourages others to listen to his music. If Isaiah could meet any celebrity he said he would like to meet with J. Cole and talk with him about his life.

Isaiah is majoring in Communications and is minoring in Sports Studies. His dream job is to work for ESPN and to cover the Patriots. His advice for new coming members is to take advantage of all of the resources at WZIP. He explains that everyone at the station has valuable skills that can help one another and that WZIP is a great program that helps to set students up for success. With that being said, don’t forget to tune into WZIP on Thursdays from 11-1 to hear Isaiah live on air.


Member of the Week: Allyson Smith

Our Member of the Week is Ally Smith. Ally joined WZIP in the Spring of 2016 and is a member of the News and Special Projects Department. She loves being a part of WZIP because she gets to know a lot of great people. 

She was nominated for Member of the Week because her news packages have continued to get better and better. The packages are always fully completed and always turned in on time. She has additionally filled in as the news director when help was needed. With her leadership, and dedication, she was able to produce an entire half hour show. She has gone above and beyond with all the work she does. 

Ally’s favorite animals are sloths, her favorite color is red, and her favorite food is paella. When asked what she liked to do in her free time, she responded, “what is free time? I spend all of my time in the station.” Her favorite band is Blink 182 and if she could meet any celebrity, she would meet Mark Hoppus.

She is a Media Production major at the University of Akron. Her dream job is to travel around the world to make documentaries. Her advice to new members is, “the work will be hard at first, but as long as you keep working and persevere, it will get easier and in the end, it will be very rewarding.”

Playoff LeBron is here: Cavs win 12th consecutive home playoff game against Eastern Conference

Foul trouble happened to be the theme of the night as the Cavs racked up 25, but Cleveland’s stars willed their way to playoff win No. 1. The Cavs overcame the Indiana Pacers in a final second thriller with a score of 109-108, and set the tone coming into the offseason.

LeBron had a marvelous 32 points, six rebounds, and 13 assists while leading the team in minutes. Tristan Thompson did not seem phased with the thumb injury, as he racked up eight points, and 13 rebounds (six offensive). The big three accounted for 72 points, and made all of the necessary plays to win.

High energy was the formula for this game from the start, and LeBron maintained that energy from the moment he stepped on the court for pre-game. Love began with the first seven points of the game, and Kyrie carried that momentum from there on. LeBron had a quiet first quarter, while waiting until three minutes left in the first quarter to attempt a shot. The Cavs left the fourth quarter with a field goal percentage of 65 percent, and optimism going forward.

Entering the second quarter, the Cavs cultivated this energy and the stars on the team continued to shine. With about six minutes left in the second quarter, the atmosphere uplifted tremendously with LeBron’s acrobatic alley-oop from Kyrie.

LeBron ended off the second half with an emphatic and-one layup, and began the MVP chants. The Cavs led with a score of 66-59 while shooting 60 percent from the field, and the big three all were in double digits.

Paul George started off the third quarter with three consecutive buckets, and continued his recent hot streak as the primary scorer for the Pacers. Tension increased as the Pacers fought back vicariously, and brought the game within two points at the halfway mark of the third.

With five minutes remaining in the third, the big three all had three fouls on them, and that warranted limited minutes going into the fourth. All momentum shifted near the end of the third when LeBron slammed a monstrous dunk, off of a 50/50 hustle steal. He was near a triple double, and the Cavs went into the fourth quarter with a comfortable lead of 92-84.

Kyle Korver brought the fourth quarter into action with a long two-pointer off of a screen, assisted by LeBron. Lance Stephenson is fully acclimated to the Pacers scheme once again, and was the secondary playmaker that kept the game tight.

With two minutes left, the intensity flourished and the arena convulsed from excitement. LeBron and Kyrie made two sensational plays to put the Cavs ahead by three points, but the game remained tight. Kyrie had two crucial steals as well that seemed to solidify the win, but that wasn’t the case yet. Paul George hit a three-pointer from deep that brought the game within one point.

Twenty seconds remained as the Cavs held a one point lead, and the Pacers had possession of the ball following a timeout. Late game defense solidified the win as C.J Miles missed a potential game winner, and the Cavs squeezed their way out of a tight one.

The Cavs have now won 12 straight home playoff games against the Eastern Conference, and the they are now 4-1 against Indiana this season. LeBron has now also played his 200th playoff game, which lands as ninth on the all-time list. LeBron is also has won 18 straight first-round playoff games, covering a span of about five years.

The next playoff game will be held in Cleveland on April 21st, and the Cavs will look to continue the Eastern Conference home win streak.




Member of the Week: Sami Sponsler

Our Member of the Week is Sami Sponsler. Sami is a member of the Promotions Department and the Music Programming team for WZIP. Her favorite thing about WZIP is the many different opportunities available to her.

She was nominated for Member of the Week because she is an extremely hard worker and she is very consistent with everything she is assigned.

When she isn’t busy with WZIP, she likes to hang out with friends, watch television, and go on nature walks. She loves eating tacos, her favorite color is green, and her favorite animals are giraffes and panda bears. Sami’s favorite holiday is Halloween because she loves seeing the little kids dressed up in costumes.

Her advice to new members is come in with an open mind. If you see a department that you are interested in, don’t let your fear hold you back. Be confident and you will do great things here at WZIP.