Member of the Week- Matt Farkas

Matt Farkas is a member here at WZIP. Farkas is apart of the News department as well as the Promotions department. He was nominated by his news director because he is always willing to help, even with last minute projects Matt is always there to lend a hand.. Matt Farkas goes above and beyond to help. Farkas is majoring in political science and his dream job is to be a senator. Farkas is a fan of Harry Nilsson and would one day like to meet Terry Crews. His favorite things about WZIP is the teamwork and environment. When asked to give advice to the potential new members of WZIP, Farkas said “try new things.Be you, it’s the most interesting thing. Break the norms.”

Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike is a multi-functioning game played by the students of the University of Akron. Students who participate can be seen throughout the campus during the week and playing various skill-set games with Nerf-style weapons; events like protecting a person from a horde of “zombies”, student-created mission tasks, and even events that challenge Nerf gun shooter to Nerf gun shooter.

The organization was created to encourage students to participate in a competitive environment and meet challenges to support the creative culture on campus. Students have a diverse game-play set and remain involved year round. The organization follows basic campus policy and ensures security of students.

A rule meeting is required to attend before a student is to compete and every player is given a membership code.The code is taken when a player is eliminated and is recorded on a data-base website .

Broadway In Akron

        The lights start to dim, the pit starts playing the opening number, and you start getting butterflies in your stomach as the curtain rises and the stage is brought to life. You would think I’m talking about New York and the famous Broadway. But what if I told you I was talking about Akron’s own E.J. Thomas Hall?

The University of Akron and Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio have partnered to continue the series known as Broadway in Akron. Broadway in Akron is kicking off its third year here at E.J. Thomas Hall, with the first show of the season being six time TONY award-winning show, Kinky Boots. With music written by Cyndi Lauper and book written by Harvey Fierstein, this musical is sure to have you dancing along in your seat,  in awe of the performers doing back flips in six inch stiletto heels, and even shed a few tears.

Nathan Mortimer, the chief financial officer here at Akron, said that he wanted to prove that Akron is a lover of art by having this series come back to Akron.

Gina Vernaci, Playhouse Square’s Executive Producer, announced on October 11, 2017 that there were 2,109 season ticket holders for this year’s Broadway in Akron series of shows.

“It continues to grow every year!” she stated while looking out into the crowd as applause echoed through the hall.

Looking around, one can see people of all ages in attendance. Kelly Unger, a student here at the University and avid musical lover, spoke about what having this program means to her, “I think it’s a great partnership between the Cleveland Playhouse and Akron. The prices for tickets are amazing and it makes these award-winning shows more accessible to students and the Akron community.”

The shows scheduled for the rest of the year are Dirty Dancing, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and Jersey Boys. Show times and prices can be found at or, go to, and type in the show that you are looking for to purchase tickets.


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News conference reveals historical gift to UA

On the morning of Thursday, October 19th, President Matthew Wilson made an announcement to the community that surprised and astounded those in attendance for the speech. This semester, the University of Akron received the largest single gift of in the history of the university. That is, more than $20 million dollars donated by Jean Hower Taber.

President Wilson revealed how that $20 million dollars will be spent. Nearly two-thirds of the gift will be used for scholarships to support students pursuing audiology and those in the Williams Honors College. The other one-third of the money will be used to maintain the Hower House.

President Wilson expressed his gratitude and excitement for the gift, and described how this generous donation from Jean Hower Taber will affect students at the University of Akron.

President Wilson stated, “…It is just an incredible impact, and it will impact our students, it will facilitate students from the community to be able to come here and to obtain an education, and be able to realize their dreams…”

He goes on to explain the importance of such donations, and the scholarships they are used for.

“…We have many first generation students where their parents never had the opportunity to go to a university. You’ve got folks who are coming to the University from limited means…”

The Hower family has a history of philanthropy and community involvement in Akron. Jean Hower Taber has been a donor to the University of Akron since the 1980’s, although she was not a student here.

While the exact amounts of the scholarships designated for audiology and honors students have not been determined, they are expected to be awarded beginning in the Fall, 2019 Semester.

Haunted Houses

With fall in full action, The Roo Report went on campus to ask students about their opinions of haunted houses.

Surprisingly, the majority of the people asked were not a fan of haunted houses. More than half of these students claimed to be afraid of them. In fact, one person said that they do not do anything scary and do not like “scary” things, “even butterflies”, as they explicitly stated.

If you cannot handle butterflies, you will not make it through any of the haunted houses in this area! The great thing about Northeast Ohio is the amount of haunted houses. Many said their favorite in the area was Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio. There is also Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory here in Akron, Barber Haunt in Barberton, Ohio, and Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls. Everyone has a favorite, so go out and check them all out!