A Closer Look at Mr. Cavalier

“Throw the hammer down!”, and “Deeeeeeep in the Q!” are common catchphrases that many acknowledge while watching a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Numerous spectators in Ohio, and even across the country watch the games but are not mindful of the man that announces them. For those who do not know, his name is Austin Carr. Not only was he a player for the Cavs, but also a college basketball legend at Notre Dame.

Basketball was not the main priority in his life nonetheless, education was in his roots from the start. His father was a hard working man, and pushed for him to get his degree and this became a priority in his life. The deans list was attained in his senior year, and that meant more to Austin than being a premier basketball player. He remained in college until his senior year, and graduated from Notre Dame with pride.

Austin was inducted into The Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007, with a renowned career. 61 points, and 25 made field goals in a game is the record for the NCAA Tournament and this feat was accomplished by Austin Carr. This game was against Ohio University, and he did it without a three-point line. In his seven game career in the tournament, he averaged 41.3 points per game.

The Cleveland Cavaliers later drafted him as the number one overall draft pick in 1971, and he averaged 15 points per game over a ten-year span. Injuries plagued Austin’s career in the NBA but shortly after his career, he became the full-time announcer for the Cavs.

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