Womens Volleyball Zips vs. Falcons

The game started off with a fast pace points going back and forth between both teams and the lead scorer for The Zips was freshman Alexis Adleta with sixteen points and two assist she was all over the court. And on the defensive pitch of the match, senior Jessica Kloehn and freshman Emily Weigand had two solo blocks.

The Zips got their footing after a 6-2 run on the girls at the beginning of the game. Bowling Green received 2 costly errors and freshman Emily Weigand got a solo kill just putting the girls 2 points back on taking the lead. The Falcons weren’t going to let that halt their advance and went on a 5-1 scoring run on the girls. By the end of the first set it was a Flacons 25 Zips 14.

The second set was filled with even more fast paced action from both sides, yet The Falcons took another 11-8 jump within the first ten minutes. The two teams continued to trade scoring before a solo kill from Adleta an three-straight points from two kills by Kloehn made it 19-18 in the Falcon’s favor with the Zip’s closing the gap. Although it didn’t seem to shake The Falcons they went on a 6-1 run to end the set at 25-21

Zips went on an offensive tear to take their first lead of the game by going up 6-5. Karsner then added to the lead with two solo kills putting The Zips at 9-7 lead. The set was electric from that point on, scores jumping point by point on both sides then two points for both sides it was huge back and forth. The Falcons finally got it to 23-21 but The Zips wouldn’t go out quietly trading scores with Bowling Green until they had a one point lead 25-24 thanks to Adleta eighth straight kill. Sadly The Falcons would take the third and final set of the night.

After the game I caught up with senior Jessica Kloehn for a post-game interview.