Nerf Strike

Nerf Strike is a multi-functioning game played by the students of the University of Akron. Students who participate can be seen throughout the campus during the week and playing various skill-set games with Nerf-style weapons; events like protecting a person from a horde of “zombies”, student-created mission tasks, and even events that challenge Nerf gun shooter to Nerf gun shooter.

The organization was created to encourage students to participate in a competitive environment and meet challenges to support the creative culture on campus. Students have a diverse game-play set and remain involved year round. The organization follows basic campus policy and ensures security of students.

A rule meeting is required to attend before a student is to compete and every player is given a membership code.The code is taken when a player is eliminated and is recorded on a data-base website .

Turning Point USA

The President of Turning Point USA, Douglas Simpson, is a founding member of the local Chapter here in Akron. Turning Point USA meets every Wednesday at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) in room 145 at 5:30 PM. Turning Point is a national organization that was just recently brought to the University of Akron.

The core principles are supporting capitalism, limited government, and individual liberties such as the 1st and 2nd Amendment, or more commonly known as Freedom of Speech and Gun Rights, respectively. The chapter does not endorse any candidates and is open to all political realms. Diversity of thought is an attraction for Turning Point USA. Douglas’ goal was to “sink his teeth in” to a political organization with the student body.

Douglas himself had a personal political revelation from being a left-leaning person a now a conservative entity. He came from a background with a mixed political family but is now creating his own political stature. He cherishes meeting new students and is open to both radical political ideologies to be discussed.

College Democrats Interview

Sarah Yusufi is the President of College Democrats. College Democrats is a student run organization that meets every Wednesday at the James A. Rhodes Arena (JAR) room 151. All students of political background are welcomed and are encouraged to attend.

There is no concrete set principles for college Democrats since it does not endorse any candidates directly. Many people involved with the group for protests as well as political talks. Events that are held are in continuous with speakers coming like Zach Space, for example. According to Sarah, the people involved become almost like a family. They are involved with the University and are always looking to engage the University of Akron’s student Body.

Sarah herself came form a primarily political left family and was brought up into the ideology. She herself is claimed in religion but she openly has a socially classical-liberal political orientation.

College Republicans interview

An interview was held with Mary Turley, President of College Republicans. The meeting times of the College Republicans are Monday’s at 7 PM in the Student Union, room 314, granting some political events may occur such as speakers, which could conflict meeting times. Events can also be held outside the campus, such as going to see other political speakers or off-campus events.

The core principles are to “follow the national GOP principles… however everyone’s ideas are different but we correspond as much as we can.” The chapter does not endorse any candidates and is student based. Most Mondays have a speaker coming to the campus to discuss ideas with students. Anyone who has any interest in coming to the events is welcomed. College Republicans in open to see new members and anyone who would like to see if they coincide with any conservative values.

Mary was a long-time republican even at such a young age. She stated that she “was always a Republican” and recalls being in first grade and “being all into George Bush winning …and attending a Mitt Romney rally her freshman year of high school.”

Mary stated that the College Republicans Chapter encouraged her to be more involved in politics. She also stated that “you don’t have to be a political science major” to be interested in being a part of the chapter. Students are always encouraged to come and discuss ideas.