Rocket’s Soar to the Mac Championship

Cleveland, OH- Here are the Q, the seven seed, Buffalo Bulls women’s basketball team faced the six seed, Toledo Rockets. The Rockets beat the Bulls with a score of 72-65. Toledo’s leading scorer was Mariella Santucci with 21 points, and she played excellent defense as well. Mikaela Boyd made a huge impact in the game with ten points, 11 rebounds, and five assists.


The game started off very slow with only a collective three points for the first five minutes. Joanna Smith of the Buffalo Bulls, kick started the momentum with the first five points for the Bulls. The team fed off of her momentum, and gained a very noticeable energy throughout the arena. Toledo did not become threatened by this presence though, and fought vicariously. Jay-Ann Bravo-Harriot from the Toledo Rockets provided the much needed spark early to retaliate against Joanna Smith.


The Rockets shifted momentum early in the second quarter, and started to build a comfortable lead. Mariela Santucci from Toledo started to make an impact that almost swung momentum entirely, but Buffalo stayed put. Stephanie Reid from Buffalo, who was All-Mac Defensive team played extraordinary defense, and had two clutch layups to bring the game within reach. Joanna Smith struggled early while only shooting three for eleven, and having ten points in the first half.


The Rockets lead the game with a score of 34-27 at the half, and a huge part of this had to do with Mariella Santucci’s 15 first half points. Toledo did not stop in the second half, as they scored the first three buckets that they attempted. Bravo-Harriot hit a miracle and-one layup, and it felt like everything was dropping for the Rockets in the beginning of the second half. Throughout the whole third quarter, Joanna was continuously shooting poorly and Toledo kept a lead of nearly ten points.


The Rockets led the Bulls with a score of 51-39 at the end of the third quarter, and Santucci continued to play excellent defense on Joanna Smith. The Rockets kept the steady ten-point lead throughout most of the fourth quarter, until Courtney Wilkins hit a deep three to bring the Bulls within five. The Bulls maintained just a six-point deficit until the end of the game, but could never fully make a comeback. With this win, the Toledo Rockets will face the Northern Illnois Huskies tomorrow at the Championship.


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New Pieces Thrive in Cavs’ Rout

The Cavaliers routed the New York Knicks with a score of 119-103. Tristan Thompson had his control on the game from the start, while snatching six offensive rebounds in the first six minutes. LeBron had a very productive night all-around, with 18 points, 13 rebounds, and 15 assists. Kyrie Irving had a very productive night while shooting 9-16, with 23 points. The Cavs made 15 three-pointers, and had a very solid game back from the All-Star Break.

The Cavaliers have won the last nine games while playing the New York Knicks, and last nights’ game caps off the tenth straight. This season the average margin of victory over the Knicks has been 22.7 points, and this sustained last night. The Cavs are now 14-0 against the Atlantic Division this season, and still first in the Eastern Conference.

The Cavs are very close to acquiring Deron Williams from the waiver wire, and have the space to add him to the team. Two other potential players that could be added to the roster are Larry Sanders, or Andrew Bogut. This is something to keep a close eye on, and with these additions, the roster will be ready for Golden State.

The Cavs next game will be home against the Chicago Bulls this Saturday, February 25th at 8:30 PM. For more information on the Cavaliers, make sure that you stay updated with our website, and we will continue to bring all of the Cavs stats and info that you need.

Member of the Week: Camryn Justice

Camryn Justice was nominated for Member of the Week because of her outgoing nature, her drive to always produce excellent content, and having fun while doing so. She is a vital component of the Barely Awake Morning Show, keeping Nick in check with her witty banter. She also  provides great coverage of Cavs game live from the Q as a member of the sports team. Additionally, Cami  does a fantastic job helping with WZIP recruitment events, even if she isn’t obligated too. It is for these reasons that we recognize Cami for her hard work, dedication and attitude.

When Cami isn’t covering Sports or on the Barely Awake Morning Show, she likes to watch the Cavs (even if she’s not at the game), hangout with friends, and take naps. She is very interested in a variety of things. She has played different sports including, soccer, football, softball, basketball. She has also taken an interest in music by playing the alto sax, violin, euphonium, and the trombone. When it comes to her involvement here at WZIP, Cami remarked, “sports and music apparently are in the cards for me”.

Cami’s dream job would be to work as a sideline reporter for the Cleveland Cavaliers, or to be a co-host for a sports talk show. Her advice for students who are interesting in joining WZIP is to go in with confidence but also a humble attitude. She urges you to be willing to learn and to take advantages of all of the opportunities WZIP has to offer.

New Pieces Thrive for Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Denver Nuggets with a score of 125-109. They are now 5-1 out of the last 6 games, and things are falling into place for them. LeBron finished the game with 27 points, and 12 dimes. Kyrie continued his scoring excellence with his 4th straight game of having more than 26 points, with 27 and 5 assists. Kevin Love had his 16 points and 9 assists, and the Cavaliers bench played a significant role.


LeBron James notched 2nd place in Cavaliers franchise history with 5,228 rebounds, passing Brad Dougherty. This was a huge night for LeBron as he continued to get his shooters open, and make plays all over the court. Another player that made a significant impact was Kyle Korver who had 14 points, and is 4 three-pointers away from 2,000 made.


Kyle Korver, and Derrick Williams are two pieces that will be crucial for the success in the Cavs playoff run in many ways. Korver adds the extra attention from the three-point line, and is a marksman that will go down as one of the greatest three-point shooters. Williams only had 7 points last night, but his defense and presence on the court was felt throughout the arena.


The Cavs are first in the East, and look to continue that trend while the team is consistently strengthening by the week. The Boston Celtics are behind the Cavs by two games, but they caught up during the losing ways in the month of January for Cleveland.


The Cavs next game will be away against the Minnesota Timberwolves this Tuesday, February 14th at 8:00 PM. For more information on the Cavaliers, make sure that you stay updated with our website, and we will continue to bring all of the Cavs stats and info that you need.

Big Three Regains Confidence

The Chinese New Year was brought in with a crucial win for the Cavs last night, and the team continuity was apparent for the first time in weeks. Despite recent struggles and speculations, the Cleveland Cavaliers overpowered the Brooklyn Nets with a score of 124-116. LeBron lead the team in points and assists with 31, and 11. Kyrie for the 5th time in his career dropped 20 points in a quarter and finished off with 28. Kevin Love put up a solid 13 points, and snagged the team high rebounds with 14.


The Cavs came through with a much needed win, and did it in style with an impressive night for the big three. LeBron, Love, and Kyrie combined for a collective 72 points, and Kyrie dropped 20 in the third quarter. Kyle Korver played a promising role off of the bench with 14 points, and three, three-pointers.


LeBron continued to break records with his first assist last night, and passed Terry Porter for possession of 14th place in assists with 7161. That was not the only milestone within the game last night, Kyle Korver dropped 14 points, and hit his 10,000th NBA point.


The Cavs are still maintaining the lead in the Eastern Conference with a record of 31-14, and hold the second best home record in the league. The Toronto Raptors are two games behind the Cavs with 29 wins, and the Boston Celtics are three games behind with 28 wins.


The Cavs next game will be at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder this sunday, January 29th at 3:30 PM. For more information on the Cavaliers, make sure that you stay updated with our website, and we will continue to bring all of the Cavs stats and info that you need.