Z88 Sports Embraces the Madness!

The WZIP Sports team has decided to have a competition as March Madness has officially begun! The brackets have come out and so have the competitive spirits. But the Sports team has decided to add a little edge to their bracket pool. The winner will not only get bragging rights around the studio, but also a sports jersey of their choice! Now, lets breakdown all of the team’s Final Fours and winner:

Kyle Molinelli- Duke, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, and North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Deontae Shahid- LSU, Gonzaga, Virginia, North Carolina. Winner: North Carolina

Justin Miller- Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, North Carolina . Winner: North Carolina

Neil Hassan: Duke, Michigan, Villanova, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Anthony Barnes: Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, North Carolina. Winner: Gonzaga

Jack Riedinger: Michigan ST, Florida ST, Wisconsin, North Carolina. Winner: Michigan

Zach Bush: Duke, Marquette, Tennessee, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Jeff Longville: Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, Kentucky. Winner: Duke

John Alfieri: Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Jeanette Spencer: Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Tyler Lane: Duke, Gonzaga, Tennessee, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Darnell Crider: Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina. Winner: Duke

Keep in touch with us on our Twitter, @SportsPowerTalk, for live updates of our competition, as well as live on Sports Power Talk, every Sunday 11-12:30. And of course we wanna hear who you are cheering for. Let us know!

In His Return To The Stage, Kevin Gates Does Not Disappoint

By: Ryan Ribinskas

     It has been almost two years since the Baton Rouge hip-hop artist last was on tour, three years since being at The Agora, but you would not think that with the way the crowd in downtown Cleveland came out to show their support for him on a cool Tuesday evening. With the lines stretching all around the venue, fans had been gathered in anticipation to see the ‘2 phones’ Louisiana artist perform. As like the previous dates on his ‘Luca Brasi 3’ tour, the Agora Ballroom was sold out too, that night.

                                                                    via: @ryanribi

     The line would not fully die down until right before the opening acts were set to go on around 9 PM. With help from OG Boobie Black, Tokyo Jetz, and Yung Bleu, the fans of all ages were rocking the whole night. The range of fans that came out to mainly see Gates, was incredible. The ages ranged from what it seemed to be lower junior high, all the way up to mid 50’s. Coming into the show, I did not expect such a big crowd for Gates, especially after being off the music seen for the last year until recently being released from prison this past January.

     As soon as Gates stepped on stage, fans went absolutely nuts. He came out very emotional as he did a sample of a song off of his recent album ‘Luca Brasi 3’, and then took a moment as he just looked up in the crowd before continuing. He had a moment with the crowd inside the Agora Ballroom, like it was his first time performing, staring with a gaze in his eye, asking one simple question; “Cleveland, do you love me?” With that, the crowd responded with a mixture of cheers and “Yes!”

     Gates then proceeded to continue on with the show for another hour and half with songs off his new album, where me personally were shocked at how many people in the crowd had already known every lyric, again from young to old, they were really rocking with him heavy. Then he got into his hits from 2015, ‘2 phones’ and ‘Really Really’, in which Gates did not even have to perform a single word as the crowd went berserk and so did Gates up on stage to cap off another great sold out show.

     Knowing that being away from the hip-hop game for a little over a year seems like an eternity to artists, I would not be surprised to see Gates keep pushing his way into climbing up on the charts in the near future. Especially with how loyal and how diverse his fans are.

    via: @ryanribi

College Radio Day the UA Way

By: Liam Salvage


(Photo Credit: College Radio Day)

     A day of celebration that many are oblivious to:  College Radio Day, was celebrated on October 5, 2018. Across the nation, colleges have this day to celebrate the medium of radio,  and usually develop special programming to go along with it, much like WZIP did. 88.1 began the day at 10 in the morning with a showcase of all of the special programming that is usually produced throughout the week in the span of four hours. At 10, Entertainment Unzipped began, followed by Sports Power Talk, then Alternative Takeover,  Zips Unlimited, eSports Unzipped, and Late Night Local Talent, ending at 2:30 in the afternoon. Within Entertainment Unzipped, a special guest was interviewed, Yvette Nicole Brown, a University of Akron and WZIP alumni. Yvette Nicole Brown is now a comedic actress, and has starred in NBC’s Community and Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh. 

     College Radio Day was conjured by Rob Quicke, the General Manager of WPSC, and first debuted October 11, 2011, officially beginning College Radio Day. That first time in 2011, 360 college radio stations participated, including stations in Canada and even Jamaica. Since then, College Radio has become a central day for college stations across the globe, and is growing awareness of the importance of college radio.


Cavs vs Raptors Game 3 Preview

Three down, one to go. The Cleveland Cavaliers will attempt to wrap up their series against the Toronto Raptors at 8:30 p.m. in the Q. A win tonight would send the Cavs into their fourth consecutive Eastern Conference Finals against the winner of the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers series.

The Cavs are walking into this game with a home court advantage and a tremendous amount of momentum after coming out of game three with a LeBron James buzzer beater to win the game.

Toronto doesn’t have much to feel confident about. They have lost the past nine playoff games to Cleveland. They’re facing a potential sweep on the road. The Cavs held one of their leading scorers, DeMar DeRozan, to just eight points in game three.

LeBron, when asked about DeRozan’s poor performance said, “He missed a lot of easy opportunities…we’re just trying to make it a little bit more challenging that’s all.”

Looking ahead to the Eastern Conference Finals of the Cavs and the Celtics if each come out on top of their semifinal series, LeBron said he has been watching the other teams in their series. He said he has a lot of knowledge and insight on the Boston team who is missing their two star players Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving and still flourishing but doesn’t want to talk about it just yet, he still has a lot of work to do in the series against Toronto tonight.