Cavs Fight Hard, But Not Hard Enough

The Cavaliers hosted fellow Central Division opponent Milwaukee Bucks tonight. The Cavs started off fighting hard against the current best team in the Eastern Conference, but fell off the second quarter began. The Cavaliers found themselves down 67-47 at the half. The Cavs were able to cut into the lead in the second half, and showed a lot of resiliency down the stretch, but ultimately came up short.

In the final minute of play the Cavs turned the ball over, got out rebounded, and out played, which lead to a 119-110 defeat. Even though the Cavs came up short, the Cavs had a lot of positive takeaways, as they shot 50% from 3 and had 32 assists. The Bucks hard more size and played with better pace, which helped them get this victory on the road. The Cavs tonight showed they can fight hard to come back, they just have some trouble closing out the game.

The big picture from tonight is that we are a young team with a coach who still isn’t far removed from coaching in the NCAA, and we played very well against a very talented and well coached team as they have the reigning MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the reigning coach of the year, Mike Budenholzer. As Time rolls on and we get more experience, we’ll be able to to close out these games, and stop these big leads from building.

After the game Coach Beilein