Cheers to Spooky Season (AKA The Season of Procrastination)

Everyone’s favorite season has finally arrived… yes, spooky season. The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp and Halloween is just right around the corner. Yes… let me repeat that… Halloween is just right around the corner. Today is October 28th, which means Halloween is in exactly 3 days and chances are the majority of people are rummaging through their closets to find the perfect costume for that party everyone is going to this weekend. The sweet smell of procrastination, something we are all a little too familiar with but luckily this article will hopefully be able to help some of the procrastinators (like myself) put their mind at ease by providing a few easy last minute ideas. (Also, this is the year of being clever, not basic so unfortunately a black cat or being a nerd will not be on the list) 

Costume #1: A Tourist

This costume is simple but not quite basic. Just go borrow your dad’s old Hawaiian shirt or find one at Goodwill for just a couple bucks! Then all you have to do is put on some sunglasses and rub some white paint on your nose and there it is, you look like your ready for vacay. If you really want to spice things up grab some extra accessories like pool floaties, an old map or a camera!

Costume #2: Sugar Mama/ Sugar Daddy

This is such an easy and funny last minute costume. Dress up in your flashiest clothes and then borrow a baby carrier and put a bag of sugar on it. Then you are literally a sugar mama or sugar daddy.

Costume #3: Ballerina 

For all of you girls out there who want to do something cute yet simple for Halloween this costume is perfect. All you need is a one-piece and a tutu and then just put your hair in a high bun. For an extra accessory add a tiara and turn yourself into a ballerina princess. 

Costume #4: 50 Shades of Grey (Literally)

This costume is probably one of the easiest ( and most punnable) costumes to put together. Make a quick trip to The Home Depot and grab a whole bunch of gray color samples and tape them onto a gray shirt and BOOM you’re “50 shades of Grey”.

Costume #5: A Boxer 

One last costume that is super easy to put together last minute for both guys and girls is a boxer. Grab some shorts, sneakers, boxing gloves and a robe!