College Radio Day the UA Way

By: Liam Salvage


(Photo Credit: College Radio Day)

     A day of celebration that many are oblivious to:  College Radio Day, was celebrated on October 5, 2018. Across the nation, colleges have this day to celebrate the medium of radio,  and usually develop special programming to go along with it, much like WZIP did. 88.1 began the day at 10 in the morning with a showcase of all of the special programming that is usually produced throughout the week in the span of four hours. At 10, Entertainment Unzipped began, followed by Sports Power Talk, then Alternative Takeover,  Zips Unlimited, eSports Unzipped, and Late Night Local Talent, ending at 2:30 in the afternoon. Within Entertainment Unzipped, a special guest was interviewed, Yvette Nicole Brown, a University of Akron and WZIP alumni. Yvette Nicole Brown is now a comedic actress, and has starred in NBC’s Community and Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh. 

     College Radio Day was conjured by Rob Quicke, the General Manager of WPSC, and first debuted October 11, 2011, officially beginning College Radio Day. That first time in 2011, 360 college radio stations participated, including stations in Canada and even Jamaica. Since then, College Radio has become a central day for college stations across the globe, and is growing awareness of the importance of college radio.